Advanced Retreat, February 22 – March 3, 2013 –
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“Be redeemed, be renewed, let your light shine, be brave, trample the defeat in you, and be great.
That happens in a moment.”
– Ramtha

This event marks the beginning of the 37th year since JZ had her first encounter with an extraordinary being in her Tacoma, WA. kitchen [Sunday, February 20, 1977]. The being is Ramtha.
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The following links were presented at the Advanced Retreat, February 22 – March 3, 2013:

– Links presented February 22, 2013
Eight Christmas Tree 2012 Remote Views

MAR. 12: Massive TRIANGLE-SHAPED hole in the Sun’s corona recorded by NASA.

Photo courtesy: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, March 13, 2012Highlight EIT 171

Photo courtesy: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, March 13, 2012
Highlight EIT 195

Photo courtesy: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, March 13, 2012
Highlight EIT 285

Triangle on the Sun – March 2012
“Gigantic coronal triangle hole discovered in our Sun”
From Ray Alex Website.
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Craft Consuming Flare on Sun – March 2012

Angel in the Sun taken February 20, 2013
Quoting SOHO: “image captured by SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, a project of international collaboration between ESA and NASA to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind”
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– Links presented February 23, 2013

Speaker Marshall Barnes

Mr. Barnes’ websites:
1. then type “Marshall Barnes” in the search box.
2. Twitter@warpdrivehere

Cloud phenomenon over campus, sunset

– Links presented February 24, 2013
“2012 Was the Hottest Year in U.S. History. And Yes — It’s Climate Change”
By Bryan Walsh in TIME Magazine.
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“January – December 2012 Statewide Ranks”
Click here for the map, note Washington State’s rank.

“2012 Significant Climate Anomalies and Events”
Click here for the world map.

“Physics professor: Past decade ‘hottest ten years ever recorded’”
Michio Kaku, physics professor at the City University of New York, CBS This MorningThursday, Dec. 27, 2012.
Click here for the video.

Ghost Radar®: LEGACY
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Previous $10,000 Lotto winner Jan shared about her second win February 24, at the casino, $650.

German student casino winner Erwin Wagner
Read more of his story.

– Links presented February 25, 2013

RSE’s Lotto & Casino Winners
Read more about their stories.

Diego Rotolli manifested his Advanced Retreat funds
Read more of his story.

Chuck Folkerth manifested funds for his event using school’s disciplines

RSE’s Lotto Discipline “Field Trip”
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– Links presented February 26, 2013
Students stories that were shared

Giorda Elie manifested funds for her event using school’s disciplines, $875 each of three consecutive days

RSE student Don Wagner

RSE student Judy Wagner has won over $4,000 since the Realization Shop

Debbie Christie went out on a break and won $305 at the casino

Erwin Wagner wins again, $1,300 at this event

– Links presented February 27, 2013
Ramtha CD: “The Enigma Of You And Time”
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Dr. Eban Alexander’s Proof of Heaven
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Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder
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Laura Eisen’s new book Clouds for Breakfast
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Students who shared their manifestation stories prior to this Retreat

South African student Amanda Gifford manifested event enrollment

RSE student Ione Gleeson won $2,500 & $995 at the casino, Fall 2012

Advanced Retreat Lotto/Casino Winners
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– Links presented March 3, 2013
– Closing Announcements
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– Orb contact
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– Event Music List
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– Event Photo Album
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