Student Accomplishments:
Giorda Elie uses RSE training, wins 3 days straight

Giorda Elie manifested funds for her event using school’s disciplines

Here is Yelm student Giorda Elie’s story in her own words:

“On Monday the 11th of February, we needed $1,000 in cash to purchase flowers for a Valentine’s Day Flower Sale in front of MY store. I do this every year unless there is an RSE event. So I thought to borrow the money but my husband said that is boring, so I decided not to do that. I thought that I was going to have enough sales in cash in my store over because I was focusing on that. So, almost at closing time, I started to blow with C&E® $1,000 CASH and the word CASINO came clearly in my mind. Then Stephan, my husband called me to find out how we were doing and I said that I was going to the casino.

Then I remembered in my morning card focus I saw the number “2”, so I then knew what to play. I placed the maximum bet on number 2 and I won $875, which allowed us to purchase the flowers and we sold all of them.

Of course, next, I wanted to go to the Advanced Retreat but I did not have the funds, so I focused on just being there and I let it go. Then, my neighbor invited me to stream the event. I watched the Realization Shop and I regained my “zeal about our magic moments” and the importance of Create Your Day®. So, on Sunday morning, February 23rd after my Neighborhood Walk®, I went to candle focus and I heard the word “Casino” and saw the numbers “double zero.”

So, this time, I went to the casino and took a different route, walking straight to the roulette table and put $25 down on “double zero.”
I was a winner of $875, again!
Everyone at the table asked me how I accomplished this – they were very stunned at what they had just witnessed.
I replied, “This came form the god within me, the Holy Spirit within all of us and you can do it, too!”
I went dancing off to my car and registered for the online Advanced Retreat.

I decided I could do this a third time, moving beyond my emotions was the key.
I did the same thing again for a third day in a row on Tuesday, February 26th.
Another $875 winner!

I want to say “thank you” to JZ and Ramtha.
I love you so much.

Giorda Elie
Yelm, WA.

– UPDATE: March 19, 2013

From Ramtha’s Realization Shop in Janauary, 2013 to the Advance Retreat in February, I won $7,45
After the Advance Retreat I won $5,455.00
For a grand total of $12,880.00

FEB 11 $875.00
FEB 24 $875.00
FEB 25 $875.00
FEB 26 $1300.00
FEB 27 $ 1500.00
MARCH 1 $2000.00

MARCH 9 $690.00
MARCH 10 $ 500.
MARCH 11, $1950.00
MARCH 12, $ 1495.00
MARCH 15, $830.00

To correct my Advanced Retreat winnings, the total was $5,465.

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