“HEALING WITH LIGHT – THE BLU ROOMS” Photo by RSE Student, Rory Sagner, in National Geographic

Photo credit: Rory Sagner Photography & Fine Art
for Absolute Health, Olympia

Congratulations to RSE Student, Rory Sagner, for her great accomplishment with her professional photography!


Rory’s entry was selected as one of 16 photos from almost 6000 entries by the editors at National Geographic. Read National Geographic Editor’s Note Here


Quoting from Yelm Community Blog’s article with permission:

“Needless to say I am absolutely thrilled that this photo was published! Of course it’s wonderful to have one’s work acknowledged, especially when that work is also one’s passion, but the greater meaning for me is in knowing that this will result in so many more people around the world learning about the Blu Room and being able to benefit from it’s amazing effects. I have already been contacted by several people asking about whether there are Blu Rooms in their part of the world!

“My deepest gratitude goes out first and foremost to the creator (and now patent holder) of this genius technology, JZ Knight of Yelm, WA., and to my teacher Ramtha, for not only teaching me about ultraviolet blue light healing, but also for showing me how we truly can create our greatest dreams through applying conscious focus and never giving up! I’d also like to thank the amazing staff of the Absolute Health Clinic, home of the West Olympia Blu Room, for asking me to come and photograph both them and the Blu Room for their website. Lastly, I want to thank the National Geographic Your Shot Editors for always providing inspiration, my fellow photographers and friends in our National Geographic Your Shot group on Facebook for their incredible support and invaluable feedback, and a special, loving “thank you” to this Blogger, Mr. Steve Klein, who has encouraged and supported my work for many years!” Read Full Article Here


Find Blu Room locations here

Blu Room is an internationally registered trade and service mark of JZ Knight. Used with permission. US Pat. No. 9,919,162.


UPDATE, August 6, 2018: The Seattle PI reported this story

“National Geographic features local photographer, new ‘healing’ technology”

“Blu Room says patients may accelerate healing with a ‘power nap’ using ultraviolet light.”

By Lynsi Burton, SeattlePI

Read the article from the Seattle PI here

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