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Yelm couple attributes Casino wins to RSE teachings

Red Wind Casino’s publication of April 2013, The Breeze

RSE student Don Wagner

Two additional RSE students have attributed their Casino wins to application of the training they have received at RSE. Here are Don and Judy Wagner’s stories in their own words.

“My name is Don Wagner and my wife is Judy Wagner. We are long time students of the Great Work. We have decided to write to you concerning our casino play. We first started using our focus on the gasoline drawings at the Red Wind some time back. The drawings were for a $150 gasoline card. I would focus on my candle and hear my name called. Judy and I won the drawings 11 times before they stopped the program. I also won two $1000 drawings. We won an occasional jackpot but we were not consistent.”

“In 2011 on January the 2nd, we were at the Red Wind on a lazy Sunday afternoon playing different machines without success. Some old friends walked up that we had not seen for awhile. As we were talking the lady said she had been playing Copper Dropper all morning because the Jackpot was over $14,000. Judy and I both jumped up and said we are going to win it. We hurried over to the machines and only four machines out of 18 were open. As I looked at this one machine I knew I was going to win the jackpot on this machine. I sat down and started to play. I was doing well and soon was up $300. I than realized that I was not saying my mantra that I say during my neighborhood walk. I stopped and said, “I have always won jackpots and big bonuses at the casino”. I hit the button expecting to see the jackpot and nothing came up. I looked up at the jackpot dollars and I said, “Come on GOD, that is my jackpot. Bring it on!” I hit the button and there it was. $14,697.14. During that January I won 5 popcorns on copper dropper for $750 each and Judy won several also.”

“During the course of the year I won 5 more Jackpots, two in one week, $2002 on Copper Robbers and $3000 on Diamond Line Frenzy. At the close of the year we had won $23000. In 2012 I only won one Jackpot of $2034 on 50 lions and Judy won 2, $1625 on Kilauea and $2520 on the Sphinx.

So far in 2013 I have won $1220 on Fireball and Judy has won $4122 on Copper Dropper and $2500 on the Sphinx.
What is remarkable is that since 2010 until now we have won 39 jackpots.

It has never been about the money, but instead the thrill of manifestation and instant feedback on your focus. We look forward to the future and many more winning experiences.”
Read more of Don’s story.

RSE student Judy Wagner

“The events of this year made me aware that it is time for Don and I to allow our God to come forward. The Realization Workshop and it’s follow-up have been life changing for us. We have a history of casino wins which started in 2010. We were just having a lot of fun and it became “common thought” that we would win drawings and jackpots.
On January 27th I won the Copper Dropper progressive for $4,122.09. This is the same progressive that Diana Hall won on and that Don in 2011 had won $14+ Jackpot. I walked down the aisle looking at the machines and no one seemed interested in playing them as the jackpot was not as high as it usually is when it wins. I decided to sit down and play at the 2nd machine. I was talking to the machine and told it that it too could produce a jackpot…..that it didn’t have to be over $10,000 to pay out. I then told it that it did not have to produce the same “wild” jackpot configuration that Diana won one. It could be different. The next spin and I had 5 wilds straight across and won the jackpot of $4,122.09. My reaction was “of course”, I have always been a winner!”

When I go to the casino, I know when I am gambling and when I am “on”……being “self aware”. What I learned at the Realization Workshop is that 2013 is to unravel us and what we have accomplished in school, we now transfer to the world. The disciplines are now outside — to risk and chance– the risk is unknown, uncertainly — it is just a decision of where you want to go.”

I won a Jackpot in Nov.’12, Dec.’12, Jan.’13 and Feb.’13……4 months straight!

For Don and I, it has never been about the money, it has always been the joy of the win.”
Read more of Judy’s story.

Don & Judy Wagner have won 39 jackpots throughout 2010 until March, 2013, totaling more than $72,000, with $7,867 won since mid-January, 2013.

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