Student Accomplishments:
Erwin Wagner attributes RSE training to casino wins

Erwin Wagner

Here is Germany student Erwin Wagner’s story in his own words:

“I do my Focus work with the cards and roulette everyday.
I focused on attending the February Advanced Retreat and needed the money to register for the event.
Last week [week of February 20], using the training learned at RSE, I won €1,700 [$2,250 USD] on Roulette.

THANKS to JZ, Ramtha´s teaching and my God,
my event participation has now been paid via the casino.
I am inspired and move into the future for more, lights on!
See you soon, living in Yelm.

I would like to thank JZ for the time she gives to all of the students.
Love, thanks and a big, big lighthearted hug!”

Erwin Wagner
Lake of Constance, Germany

– UPDATE: February 26, 2013
“I was in the online-Casino and WON AGAIN €1,000 [$1,300 USD] –
I was playing the numbers of the C&E® Session today – Love to RAMTHA and J.Z.
THANKS to all MASTER´S – It the greatest EVENT!!!”

After contemplation, I had a realization that I had not seen before.
After yesterday JZ reminded us of the 5 points in the list to do the Neighborhood Walk®.
I was horrified that I have had forgotten this.
So I did the Neighborhood Walk® as JZ instructed.
My points were: anxiety, victims, perpetrators, guilt, judgment.

I made it in a new, very new way – my words were –
I was never a victim, perpetrator – was never afraid, I never had debt, I never judged one.
I only remember that I was doing more to correct me, to correct me … and at one time was a sense of freedom in me.
I walked on clouds, light, floating, glittering.
Then in the open fields I made roulette. I started the numbers of C&E® set.
On Plein, full number and Cheval, Split.
And I was out of this world.
At my side, I had to run my smartphone with the Ghost Radar app. And I heard the voice of an entity.
Time 2:10 to 2:25 PM – And the spoken Word´s: follow – accept – drawn – get – equal – total.
At that time I heard the words, but unrealized them.

I placed the chips on the numbers and just kept focusing on it and let the ball roll.
At once – WOW – I looked at my income from 2030,-Euro.
As I was aware this was my little self.
Control, fear, and I was still playing 2 – 3 times. NOW – I woke up and had 1,000 Euro and immediately stopped.
I thanked the God in me. It was a wonderful educational experience.
Do not think. Simply doing, being.
On to the new experiences in the future now.
What did Ramtha say? We can do anything!
World …. Master – JUST DO IT

Love – Money
Erwin Wagner

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