RSE Student Accomplishment: “Yelm’s Sara Foster receives award from CELP in Seattle”

Quoting from the Yelm Community Blog report, with permission from Steve Klein:

Photo details: “Ralph W. Johnson awardees & CELP Board members. R to L: Eric Hirst, Wendy Harris, Jean Melious, Laura Leigh Brakke, David Stalheim, Sara Foster and Patrick Williams.” Photo credit: CELP

Sara Foster shared her experience with the Yelm Community Blog in receiving her award:
“This year I was honored with a Water Hero Award from CELP (The Center for Environmental Law & Policy, Seattle). These were the folks that assisted me in the development of my initial appeal after fighting for 5 years and losing in 2 lesser courts. Thus came into my life Patrick Williams, [CELP] attorney extraordinaire, and with his partnership and inspiration, we eventually won in the Supreme Court of the State of Washington.

“For 5 years I have been putting my focus on this reality occurring: “Our water has always been protected. We have won the court case.” And so we did. I focused on it every day . . . and continue to do so.

“Now, 3 years after winning my case in the state’s top court, I have had the privilege of being given CELP’s Water Hero Award.

“That is how it all came about. I just stood up for something that I knew was not right. I always kept my focus, never doubted, and saw my case victorious.

From CELP on Sara Foster’s award:
“We were thrilled to honor Sara Foster, Laura Leigh Brakke, David Stalheim, Eric Hirst and Wendy Harris with the Ralph W. Johnson Water Hero Award for their activism in the Hirst and Foster Supreme Court Cases. Their diligence ultimately resulted in improved protections and management of Washington’s rivers and streams by the Department of Ecology. Our honorees began as concerned citizens, and the wins they secured in the Washington Supreme Court would not have been possible with the collective dedication and involvement of these five individuals. Thank you, again, to our five honorees for their contributions towards ensuring future generations have access to clean and flowing water in Washington!”
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