Student Accomplishments:
Amanda Gifford uses RSE teachings to manifest event

South African Amanda Gifford manifested event

Here is South African student Amanda Gifford’s story in her own words:
“At Ramtha’s Realization-Shop weekend I made a card for my first quarter of the year which focused on a new experience of wealth. I decided instead of focusing on money, I was going to focus on achieving a state and seeing what manifestations would come from that state. I knew there was a key in this for me because I felt joy when looking at the card and I was approaching wealth from a state of curiosity – detached. I decided that I was going to do 60 Golden Eggs in 90 days. I had done 30 golden eggs before and had such a sense of well-being so I decided to see if I could extend it. I started doing the GE straight after the workshop with a small group of students every morning. In that Egg I would focus on the $10 000 from Match 4 win and as I progressed in holding the focus, I could see that I needed to imagine that I already had the money and begin planning accordingly ( create that new timeline in which I had that money). So I looked at what I would do with the money and started to imagine those things in my future. The first thing I decided that I would spend the money on was the Advanced Retreat so I saw myself going to the event which I had not previously planned for. I continued working with the visual of having the money and a thought came to me in the middle of the discipline “be open to other avenues in which the money could come to you!”! Ok. So I included in my C&E opening up more new avenues for wealth to come to me. I used the tornado as a visual and made it a huge tornado encompassing a greater reality… expanding my mind and started to imagine new avenues of wealth. A few days later, I opened up my email and I get an email from Registration that someone had paid for my event. WOOOOW. Was this a joke? Was it sent to the wrong person? There must be some mistake! So I phone my mom and asked her if it was her? No. I asked all my friends in my immediate circle. No. HOW WONDERFUL!!!! This has come from outside of my personality and out of the blue… or should I say, the gold.

I then had to change my flight back to South Africa as I was booked for the 23rd Feb and I saw that my 90 day visa waiver ended on the 4th March, the day after the event. This was only possible because Feb has 28 days in it. This was amazing since I had been in Yelm for 3 months and when I flew to Yelm on the 4th of Dec there were no dates and no events posted so I had also created a perfect timeline for do the Advanced Retreat. I flew out the morning of the 4th of March 2013 on my new timeline of winning.

There were 2 more little footnotes to this creation. The first one was in the Remote View ( of something in our future) at the Realization Shop I saw a scene that looked just like the event. Tents, the flag, the fences of the field etc. ( you would never say so when looking at my drawing which I will also include for your pleasure, but I realized that was what is was when I arrived at the Advanced Retreat. I had no idea at the time that I would be at the Advanced Retreat. The second was a memory of us sitting gridding the sky over the Blood Moon with the Ram at one of the Blue College Events at the back of the Archery Field. If my memory serves me correctly, he said this blood moon signifies the doorway of 4 years of danger on the earth and that by the next blood moon in Feb 2013 we will be through that doorway. I had created being with my amazing Blue College group in Yelm in Feb 2013. That blood moon 2013 has just passed and I was where I had created myself to be, with all of you. And so it was.

Thanks Ramtha, JZ, my mother Jenny Gifford who has help fund a large part of my 13 years of training at this school, and thanks to my magnificent mystery donor for this event and to all of you, my comrades in this lifetime of Great Work.

xx Cheers from South Africa.
Here is to the rest of that wealth coming in.”

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