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George Nelson attributes RSE to healing from stroke

George Nelson

“I had a stroke.”

“I believe it was either in the last hours of May 25 2012 or the beginning hour of May 26 2012.”

“That evening rather suddenly, my left hand fingers and the left side of the keyboard disappeared as I glanced from the screen to my fingers. It didn’t really get my attention proper because I looked up at the screen instead to see if my finger hit the correct key. Then I reacted. it was sort of a what was that? It had grabbed my attention. I looked back and I couldn’t see my fingers. It was pure instinct. I wasn’t having any of that! It is hard to explain what I did without a lot of typing. The best way I know would be to say I used my will to make my fingers be there. It wasn’t any saying ‘No!’ or ‘Behave!” (ha ha) It was a forceful I-Know-What_I_mean thought that came out of me that was supposed to make the fingers still be there. I have used it other times for other things so I just did it automatically. It gave me a headache. I never ever get headaches that last longer than a millionth of a second. This headache was not only there, My fingers were also still not coming back.
Again it was pure instinct. I had to do something. Quite quickly, The computer and lights were off and I lay back in bed.
I have been studying what comes from The Ramtha School of Enlightenment [ ] since 1988. I went immediately to what the Ramtha school teaches as “Twilight”. It is not ‘just going to sleep’. My intent was to ‘go to the blue realm’. Again this is something I already knew and such was my instinct from whatever was happening to me – I wanted to go there. What happened with me is that it just wasn’t happening for me as I was used to and expected. I seemed to be getting a wrong color. Instead of the deep rich royal blue that I knew so well, I was getting this thick purple-blood-red hued colored light that I since have been calling magenta. Again, I don’t know how to word. I wanted the blue. I am used to aiming and just allowing to happen. It wasn’t working. Best I know to word is that I sorta turned up the volume of my intent. As I write this the memory is as if I wanted my scream insistence of will to be a laser to burn through to the blue that I wanted.
I went unconscious cause I woke up and it was getting daylight.”

“I was taking walks up and down the road while chanting to myself ‘I have always, in all ways’, been radiantly healthy so much that I found my self chanting it as I stood still urinating into the toilet.

“They put me up in a room. I wanted more to wear to walk around. She told me I am in very serious condition and couldn’t walk around. I said I been walking six days with that very serious. About an hour and a half later, she said I could get up and told me she had ordered me a snack.
I started walking around in the corridors. I would chant my “I have always in all ways been radiantly healthy”. Then I would go to my twilight where I seemed to just fall into sleep. There was not much else to do in a hospital so I just kept repeating the cycle. When daytime came, I had more people come that had apparently seen results of my tests and wanted me to squeeze their hand even though I was obviously walking around in my room. I was told I was amazing, miraculous, very lucky, an enigma etc etc.

“One doctor made me feel bad for getting him all stirred up. I wanted to go smoke my pipe. I said I would promise him that I would readmit myself in less than a half hour since he was saying he highly advises me not to sign myself out. They had been using the term ‘catastrophic,’ which I believe referred to size of the bleed area. That doc told me after a catastrophic sized stroke, I should never smoke again. Due to my age and the fact that now that I had a stroke I was susceptible to strokes. I asked him, ‘Well how is it that I had a stroke when I wasn’t susceptible to strokes?’ I shouldn’t have pushed him in retrospect but I really was wanting to smoke a bowl of tobacco ha ha ha. He kinda went over the edge and yelled it a little that he forbids me to sign myself out, that it wasn’t going to happen and that I was going to quit smoking whether I wanted to or not.”

“One thing that interested me. As I say, I was habitually walking the corridors chanting as I call it but mindfully ‘I have always in all ways been radiantly healthy.'”

“This doctor also told me to ‘Keep doing everything you are doing, Because you are doing something right!’ He wanted to shake my hand congratulations saying he sees no reason to keep me in the hospital and went to the phone to call in my discharge order the second morning that I was in the hospital.”
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