RSE is proud to announce students’ stories now on video

Video Clips of Ramtha, JZ, and Student Stories Attributed to their RSE Training are now posted:

Click here for all of the videos.

Additionally, read each student’s stories by clicking on the hotlink of their names below.

1. Ramtha on Channeling

2. Ramtha on the Seven Levels of Consciousness

3. JZ Knight Create Your Day

4. JZ Knight Attitude and DNA

5. Mother-Daughter Clare & Barbara Wade Double Lotto Win!

6. Linda Martel Lotto Win and Charlie Roy Casino Wins!

7. Miceal Ledwidth Healing Story!

8. Anthony Latoski Heals Heart!

9. Dr. Ana Mihalcea Heals Cancer!!

10. Dr. Ana Mihalcea and Laura Mooney Lotto Win!

11. Don and Judy Wagner’s Casino Winnings!

12. Diana Hall Wins Casino Jackpot!

Click here for all of the videos.

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