Student Accomplishments:
Mother-daughter attribute Lotto wins to RSE teachings

Mother and daughter Lotto winners Barbara & Clare Wade

Two additional RSE students each won $10,000 in Washington’s Lottery Match 4 on Saturday, January 26, making three RSE Lotto winners in a single week and six RSE student Lotto wins in the Yelm-Rainier-Tenino area just in the last three months.

– Here is Clare’s story in her own words:

“After the “Realization Shop” with Ramtha [a three day event on the Yelm campus, January 18-20,2013], I started using the night discipline and commanding to know the numbers. On Saturday morning, January 26 after my Neighborhood Walk®, I was doing candle focus and got the number 18. Later I was talking with Barbara and we put our numbers together and had enough to play Match 4. When I went in to purchase the ticket, I decided to buy 2 so we could double our winnings. I told the gal I wanted 2 Match 4 tickets and before I got it out of my mouth, she had rung it up. I told her that I didn’t want random numbers, that I had my own. She was so sweet and said to go ahead and fill out one of the forms. She said she had wanted to buy some anyway. I had a moment of thinking I should just go ahead and take the random numbers, but SOMETHING told me not to. (she will be rewarded for her sweetness)

Later that night when I checked numbers on the phone, the voice started saying 7,11 ….when it got to 17, I started to yell NO WAY!! and at 18, I threw the phone at Barbara and said, “check the numbers..I think we won. She did and then we listened to them 6 times. Then we got on the website and checked them out again!!

I am so grateful to JZ and the Ram for being in my life and the best part is not about the money, but about accessing the magnificent power within that we all have.”

– Here is Barbara’s story in her own words:
“After streaming the Realization Shop [a three day event on the Yelm campus, January 18-20,2013], I knew that it was time to step out of my box. I had played the same numbers (birthdays of loved ones) on Match 4 for over a year. I occasionally hit 2 or 3 numbers. My 1st new number appeared in the carpet at my acupuncturists’ office while laying prone on a table. This was 10 days before the event.

I received the 2nd number while focusing on the Remote-View at the Realization Shop. I also saw $8,000.

I received the 3rd number while focusing into my fireplace.

The 4th number my mother received while doing candle focus.

We put the numbers together and she followed her knowingness and purchased 2 tickets playing the same numbers.

This experience has shown me that I could not win with the other numbers because of the emotional attachment.

Thank you for reading my story. I really love my school!”

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