Ramtha’s Assay, August 17-22, 2012 – Event Links

Ramtha’s Assay, 2012 symbol
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The following links were presented to Ramtha’s Assay participants August 17-22, 2012.

– Link presented by JZ Knight, August 17, 2012
– “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math”
“Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe – and that make clear who the real enemy is”
By Bill McKibben in Rolling Stone
Read more

– “The Arctic Ice Crisis”
“Greenland’s glaciers are melting far faster than scientists expected”
By Bill McKibben in Rolling Stone.
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– ““Proof of ‘God Particle’ Found” –
“British theorist Peter Higgs lives to see his boson” –
Ramtha’s on this subject – from 1986!
Read more

– RSE student Remote-Views
Click here

– Link presented August 18, 2012
February student’s Remote-View of sinkhole: Click here
Read more of the news story

– JZ Knight recommends “The Tell-Tale Brain”
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– JZ Knight recommends this book: “The Tools”
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– Link presented August 19, 2012
– None

– Link presented August 20, 2012
Click here

– RSE student Remote-Views for July, 2012.
Click here, scroll down

– “‘The Plague’ appears in the Pacific Northwest –
Ramtha spoke of this potential over a decade ago”
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– “Lone house, surrounded by scorched earth, survives wildfire”
Read more from NBC News.

– Phoenix Galaxy
Read more from

– Link presented August 22, 2012
– JZ’s requested film Death by China at The Triad Theater in Yelm August 29, September 1 & 2.
Added show, Thursday, August 23, 7pm.
All seats, $8
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– RSE student Remote-Views for August, 2012.
Click here, scroll down

– RSE’s 2012 Follow-ups
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– JZ’s archived Chats
Read more

– Ramtha’s request to check-out students’ Remote-Views until year’s end:
See the monthly results on the remote-view calender here

– March Primary Group Remote-Views to date:
1. Click here
2. Click here
3. Click here
4. Click here

– “Mission Impossible Squirrel”
Click here from YouTube

– New audio CD teachings
Accessing A New State, Day 1 Click here

Accessing A New State, Day 2 Click here

– Ramtha’s Mid-Summer Celebration Photo Album
Click here

– Event’s Photo Album
Click here

– Ramtha’s Assay, 2012 Music List
Click here
Philip Phillips’ HOME from the American Idol Season 11 Highlights album was played frequently throughout the event. Click here to order yours.

Click here for Isles of Wonder – Music for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, # 5 – Tubular Bells, portion played at Assay starts at approximately 5 minutes into the song.

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