“Proof of ‘God Particle’ Found” –
“British theorist Peter Higgs lives to see his boson” –
Ramtha’s on this subject – from 1986!

– In the late 1960s, the Standard Model of physics was developed to reorganize the study of particles and the forces of nature. It evolved into a hypothetical model of the quantum field introduced by Scottish physicist Peter Higgs. The field was labeled the Higgs field and the associated particle was called the Higgs boson. The Higgs boson is supposed to be responsible for mass. It is sometimes referred to as the “God particle.”

In the 1980s, Ramtha corroborated that the concepts of quantum physics were the most accurate vehicle for scientists and the public to truly understand the way matter is formed. Ramtha described the Z particle as “the last known, the highest revealed particle that was created at the moment of the Big Bang.”

Now news stories abound with studies that verify scientists are closing in on defining the “God particle,” which would be instrumental in explaining one of the most fundamental properties of the universe.

– “Proof of ‘God Particle’ Found”
“Scientists working at the world’s biggest atom smasher plan to announce that they’ve gathered enough evidence to show that the long-sought “God particle” almost certainly exists,” quoting the AP in the Washington Post, July 3, 2012.
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– Has the Higgs boson been found? Signs point to … almost”
“Scientists at America’s top particle-physics facility, Fermilab, today [July 2, 2012] revealed their almost-final array of almost-strong evidence for the existence of the elusive Higgs boson — in advance of what’s expected to be the almost-discovery of the subatomic particle at the Large Hadron Collider, almost half a world away,” quoting Alan Boyle on MSNBC’s Cosmic Log.
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– “‘God particle’ discovery beats fireworks for scientists”
“It may be the Fourth of July, but science enthusiasts around the world now have another reason to celebrate. As widely expected, those super brainy scientists over at CERN, in Switzerland, announced today that after more than 40 years of searching they had “discovered a particle consistent with” that elusive “God particle” (aka Higgs boson),” quoting MSN.
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– “The Higgs boson made simple”
“So what’s the Higgs boson, and why are people spending billions of dollars to find that god-danged subatomic particle? I’ve rounded up a variety of resources aimed at showing you why the hunt for the Higgs is a big deal,” by Alana Boyle.
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– “British theorist Peter Higgs lives to see his boson”
“83-year-old physicist witnesses unveiling of subatomic particle he predicted in ’60s”
By Robert Evans in Reuters.
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– UPDATE: December 20, 2012
“Discovery of Higgs Boson rated year’s top scientific achievement by Science”
“Other discoveries include sequencing DNA from extinct humans, turning stem cells into egg cells and landing Curiosity on Mars, quoting Robert Booth in UK’s Guardian.
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– UPDATE: January 1, 2013
“Higgs boson was just a start for Cern’s atom smasher – other mysteries await”

“The Large Hadron Collider will shut down for an overhaul in preparation for exploring questions of dark matter, extra dimensions and other universes,” quoting Ian Sample in UK’s Guardian.
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– June 22, 2014
“Evidence found for the Higgs boson direct decay into fermions”
From Science Daily.
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– Ramtha’s description of the Z Particle 25 years ago
“How do you think your sun came into being, the Big Bang? Have you heard the term Big Bang? We call it that because science cannot get beyond the infinity of that which is called the Z particle. Have you heard of the Z particle? Well, I have lost half my audience. Z is that which is called the last letter in your hieroglyphics of common speech. It is a term to describe the last known, the highest revealed particle that was created at the moment of the Big Bang. They do not know what lies beyond Z because they have limited themselves in common speech from A to Z, so they cannot create anything thereafter.

The Z particle breaks light into a lower form. Your scientists and physicists have endeavored to go into an omnipresent, infinite state of science and they are bogged down in their limited numbers. The Earth did not create itself. The universe did not create itself. The sun did not create itself from an explosion. It was space, the knowingness, that which is termed thought, the forever-ever Is that contemplated itself and in a moment of contemplation of self, is.”
– Ramtha
Change -The Days to Come
May 17 – 18, 1986

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