“The Plague” appears in the Pacific Northwest –
Ramtha spoke of this potential over a decade ago

– ‘We didn’t even know the plague was around anymore’
“One look at Paul Gaylord’s hands shows why the plague is referred to as ‘Black Death.'”

“Gaylord, who turns 60 next month, contracted a rare case of the plague trying to take a mouse from the jaws of a choking cat at his home in Prineville, in rural Oregon.”

“The bacterium that causes the plague is carried by fleas, which can infect people and animals. The disease that killed millions in the Middle Ages is extremely rare in current times – an average of seven cases occur in the U.S. each year,” quoting Steven Dubois for the AP.
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– “Oregon man recovering from bubonic plague”

“An Oregon man who contracted a rare case of bubonic plague, a disease that ravaged Europe during the Middle Ages, is expected to lose his fingers and some toes, but should be well enough to leave the hospital within weeks, his family said,” quoting MSNBC.
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– Update: August 17, 2012: “Texas sprayed as West Nile Virus spreads”
“Parts of northeast Texas were sprayed with insecticide early Friday in an aerial assault on mosquitoes as more cases of West Nile Virus were reported as far north as Illinois,” quoting NBC News.
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– Update: August 27, 2012:
“How Scientists Stopped Klebsiella Pneumoniae: Deadly Superbug Killed 6 At NIH Clinical Center”
By Lauran Neergaard in the Huffington Post.
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– Update: September 6, 2012
“‘Fortunate to be alive’: Girl, 7, contracts bubonic plague at Colorado campground”
By NBC News staff and wire reports
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– Update: September 7, 2012
“Yosemite doubles scope of hantavirus warning to 22,000; third death confirmed”
By NBC News staff and wire reports
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– Update: July 11, 2014
“Pneumonic plague infects Colorado patient and pet dog”
“A rare case of pneumonic plague has been diagnosed in a patient who is hospitalized in Colorado. Health officials say it is the first confirmed case in the state since 2004,” quoting CBS News.
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– UPDATE: July 22, 2014
“Chinese city sealed off after bubonic plague death”
“30,000 residents of Yumen are not being allowed to leave and 151 people have been placed in quarantine after man’s death”
By Agence France-Presse in Beijing, published in English in UK’s The Guardian.
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– Ramtha pointed out the real danger of such a threat and predicted its coming – in 2000
“How do we march against viruses and bacteria that have evolved much faster than you? You know, there have been very many predictions about a third world war and that is heavy with everyone. But I want to tell you that will not happen in armies. There is no army superior enough to the West. There isn’t.”

“The next war will be a war of viruses and plagues because that is the only army that has outwitted guns and lasers. And that is the army that is going to lay waste to the world. That is the true Armageddon on the plain of Sharon. That is the true Babylon burning. And the sailors watch from the sea and weep a thousand tears.”

“There are viruses that are intelligent that can change so fast. You don’t change but they do. They are the host that is going to feed upon what is not going to change. And they are going to destroy you.”
– Ramtha
March 26, 2000
Yelm, WA.
Excerpt from: Primary Retreat

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