Remote-Views demonstrate remarkable accuracy

Remote-viewing is simply described by researcher Stephan A. Schwartz as “a mysterious human ability to know things in spite of being shielded from that knowledge by time or space, or both.”

At a remote-viewing exercise for advanced students in February 2012, the participants were asked to record their impressions while looking at the backs of one of nine large manila envelopes corresponding to their seating section in the Great Hall, and one for live-streamers worldwide, without knowing what was inside.

Upon opening the envelopes the next day, a month in 2012 was revealed as the contents of each envelope. The following are remarkably accurate recordings for the respective months, placed next to the news item corresponding from that month:

March 2012: Slovakia castle burning makes headlines
Note: The drawing also has a blue flag atop the castle.
Slovakia’s flag is blue with red

March 2012: Sun’s Coronal Mass Ejections (CME)

March 2012: Venice sinking faster than thought

March 2012: Coptic Church Pope for 40 years dies in Egypt, garnering American praise

March 2012: London’s Big Ben may get name change

March 2012: Major USA tornado outbreak, rare this early in year

March 2012: “‘Lost'” Great Wall of China Segment Found?”

March 2012: “Trees are blossoming near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, as temperatures warm up, March 16, 2012.”

March 2012: “Tony Blair Tuscan villa on sale for 5 million GBP

April 2012: Space-shuttle flies over Statue of Liberty prior to NYC arrival for permanent display

April 2012: Skagit Valley [WA.] Tulip Festival
“Blossoms ahead of schedule for Holland’s [MI.] Tulip Time Festival,”
April 2

April 2012: “Carnival cruise ship ‘communications breakdown’ left fishing boat drifting”

April 2012: “Mexico Popocatepetl Volcano Spews Steam, Ash” – April 17

May 2012: Jetman soars over Rio

May 2012: Super Moon May 5 and tornado outbreak May 3

May 2012: Triangle-shaped UFO [with 3 lights] seen in several locations worldwide
Multiple UFOs seen in Israel

May 2012: Airplane in Indonesia disappears
note the exact match of plane’s stripe & wing colors

May 2012: The science behind Nik Wallenda’s June 15 high-wire walk over Niagara Falls is presented
Man survives plunge over Niagara Falls

May 2012: photographed a major sunspot on the setting sun behind the Eiffel Tower, Paris

May 2012: Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano spewed out huge clouds of ash and fiery rock

May 2012: Italy’s La Rocca castle may be damaged beyond repair from earthquake

May 2012: “…Paris-to-Charlotte Flight Diverted to Maine”

May 2012: Black bear tranquilized, fell from a tree to safety in Colorado.

May 2012: SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft launch, May 22.

May 2012: SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft solar panels deployed, May 22.

May 2012: “SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft to Return to Earth”, May 30.

May 2012: “SpaceX Dragon ends voyage with Pacific splashdown”, May 30.

May 2012: “Chinese bridal couples travel to Neuschwanstein castle in Germany” .

June 2012: “Crop Circle in Manton Drove, Wiltshire, England, UK“, June 2

June 2012: “2012 Transit of Venus“, June 5

June 2012: “Fetal genome deduced from parental DNA”, June 6

June 2012: Axial Seamount under-water volcano report released, June 10

June 2012: STEREO Spacecraft positioning, photographs the Sun, June 11

June 2012: Released in June, massive March solar flare a record, June 11

June 2012: “Navy drone crashes off Maryland“, June 11

June 2012: Floods in the UK, June 13

June 2012: “Flying predators probably gobbled up the biggest of the large flying insects 150 million years ago“, June 21

June 2012: “Lasers Find Ice in Moon Crater”, June 22

(Photo by PA3 Kelly Newlin/U.S. Coast Guard via Getty Images)
June 2012: Boston’s Tall-Ships 1812 Festival visited by USS Constitution, June 27

July 2012: The Shard in London opens , July 5

July 2012: Columbus, Ohio train crash, July 11

July 2012: “Giant sinkhole caused by abandoned, century-old railroad tunnel,” July 12

July 2012: “Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Splash’n’Dash,” July 14

July 2012: “Greenpeace ‘Save the Arctic‘ campaign underway”

July 2012: “London Olympic Stadium pyramid lights“, July 27

August 2012: Switzerland crop circle found in July noted, August 2

August 2012: “Inside the Ebola Ward: On the Front Lines in Uganda“, August 5
Feds: 2012 West Nile outbreak unprecedented“, August 23

August 2012: “Solar power alters life in remote Indian villages“, August 1
Black box from crashed transport plane found“, August 6
A Last Goodbye at Flight 93 Crash Site“, August 7
Mars over Lander lands successfully, August 5

August 2012: “Dead 4-foot gator discovered in truck’s tool box“, August 6

August 2012: Show about liner S. S. United States opens in NYC, August 6

August 2012: “National Lighthouse Day“, August 7

August 2012: “Three mountaineers died on the Mount Cridola, Italy during a climb“, August 10

August 2012: “Army’s all-seeing, super blimp makes debut flight“, August 10
US military to test radical new hypersonic aircraft“, August 13

August 2012: Iran earthquake, August 13
Earthquake strikes in ocean north of Japan“, August 14

August 2012: “Africa’s fearsome predators put their paws up“, August 15

August 2012: “Giant Louisiana sinkhole expands“, August 16

August 2012: “White cliffs of Dover get writer in residence“, August 20

August 2012: “Crop Circle at Hackpen Hill [UK]“, August 21

August 2012: “Eiffel Tower named Europe’s most valuable monument“, August 24
From the smallest to the tallest, zoo animals weigh in [London Zoo]“, August 22

August 2012: International Space Station (ISS) cuts across Sun, August 27

August 2012: “New wonders of the world” Palau, August 30

September 2012: Iowa air show plane crashes in dark, cloud-covered skies, September 1

September 2012: “Angler battles great white shark from Southern California pier, September 5
“Man saved by a shark after drifting in pacific for 15 weeks”, September 18
“Gallery: Magnificent Roman Mosaic”, September 17

September 2012: “NASA captures mind-bogglingly gorgeous solar video“, September 5

September 2012: “...the origin of this mushroom-shaped anomaly: Could it have been part of a Nazi secret anti-submarine device?” September 11

September 2012: “Record-holding female spacewalker to command ISS”, September 14
First man on moon Neil Armstrong buried at sea, September 15

September 2012: “Mothership over San Luis Obispo [CA],” September 27

October 2012: “70-year-old Oregon farmer eaten by his hogs “, October 1
Drawing by Laura Hakala

October 2012: “Amtrak train derails south of Fresno, California“, October 1

October 2012: “Switzerland: an exhilarating walk in the Swiss Alps,” October 1

October 2012: First World Problems Read By Third World Kids, Oct. 5

October 2012: “Bus from Canada overturns“, October 6
1 Dead, 6 Seriously Injured in Arizona Bus Crash“, Oct. 19

October 2012: “7 dead as meningitis outbreak grows“, October 6
7 bears euthanized in Montana after becoming used to being fed“, October 4
Vatican names seven saints including first Native American“, Oct. 21
Lance Armstrong stripped of his seven titles, Oct. 22

October 2012: “Progress Building U.S. Tesla Museum“, October 8
Drawing by Teresa Wenda

October 2012: “Venezuela’s Chavez in convincing election win“, October 8

October 2012: ““‘Meteor’ sightings across Scotland”, October 12

October 2012: “British Monarchy Succession: David Cameron Consults Canada, Commonwealth On Changes To Gender, Faith Rules“, October 12

October 2012: “Robot Sub Maps Underside of Antarctic Ice in 3-D,” October 12

October 2012: “Pyramids reopen despite turmoil in Egypt“, October 13
Drawing by Diana Todisco in Switzerland via live-stream

October 2012: “Chinese Plant Compound Wipes out Cancer in 40 Days, Says New Research” , October 18

October 2012: “Street musician lugs around 450-lb piano“, October 19

October 2012: “Frog With Retractable Spike In False Thumb Uses It For Fighting, New Research Shows“, October 19

October 2012: “Roman Catholic Shrine of Lourdes inundated by floodwater“, October 20

October 2012: Belgian television on Lance Armstong’s doping allegations, October 21

October 2012: “Earth’s Magnetic And Gravity Fields Are Going Through Some Changes“, October 23

October 2012: “China renews naval [in seas] activity near disputed isles“, October 25

October 2012: “Americans’ old toys bring joy to Israeli hospital“, October 26

October 2012: “Hurricane Sandy causes deaths and havoc“, October 26

October 2012: “Sandy From Space: NASA Time Lapse Captures Life And Death Of Superstorm“, October 21-31

October 2012: “Cruisers Stranded Because of Hurricane Sandy“, October 29

October 2012: “An evening embrace in front of the Eiffel Tower“, October 29

November 2012: New York City Flood Area from Hurricane Sandy, November 1

November 2012: “Why Did the Salmon Cross the Road?“, November 1

November 2012: “Limbering up for the Breeder’s Cup” in Arcadia, CA, November 1

November 2012: “Limbering up for the Breeder’s Cup” in Arcadia, CA, November 1
Child jockeys race their horses at a racetrack outside Bima, Indonesia“, Nov. 17.

November 2012: “More than 100 missing after illegal migrant boat sinks off Bangladesh
“This file picture taken on June 13, 2012 shows migrants in Teknaf, from where the boat is said to have set off”, November 1

November 2012: “Experimental plasma jet thrusters could make space travel cheaper“, November 1

November 2012: Destroyed New Jersey Roller Coaster, November 4
Superstorm Sandy Flooded Gold Vault in Manhattan,” Nov 27

November 2012: “High winds, possibly from a tornado, caused damage across La Marque, TX“, November 5

November 2012: “The President’s Park,” November 5

November 2012: “US election day”, November 6

November 2012: “HMS Bounty Survivors: Crew of Ship Sunk During Hurricane Sandy Speak of Lost Shipmates“, November 6

November 2012: “Pedestrian Tunnel Boring Machines Unveiled“, November 9
Pagodas in Kyaukmyaung, east of Shwebo, Myanmar are seen destroyed after a strong earthquake“, November 11

November 2012: “Ramtha’s Feast of the Warrior“, November 10

November 2012: Aurora Borealis Meteor Shower, November 13-14

November 2012: “‘Orphan’ Alien Planet Found Nearby Without Parent Star“, November 14

November 2012: “‘Orphan’ Alien Planet Found Nearby Without Parent Star“, November 14

November 2012: “How democracy works in nature“, November 14

November 2012: “Rockefeller Center Christmas tree stands tall in spotlight“, November 14

November 2012: “Private Reusable Rocket Prototype Takes 2-Story Test Hop“, November 15

November 2012: “Entrance to Mars Cave” noted by Orbiter, November 16

November 2012: “New Zealand’s Mount Tongariro erupts” November 20

November 2012: Crop Circle noted in New South Wales, November 23

November 2012: “Chocolate Train Named World’s Longest Chocolate Structure”, November 26

November 2012:“DNA’s double helix is pictured for the first time:
Researchers hope new technique will reveal how the molecule works,”
November 30

November 2012:“DNA’s double helix is pictured for the first time:
Researchers hope new technique will reveal how the molecule works,”
November 30

December 2012: “Horses used to heal wounds of war,” Dec 1

December 2012: “Dozens of stranded sea turtles suffering from hypothermia rescued in Cape Cod,” Dec 1

December Remote-View matches:

December 2012:Emergency Supply Kit recommended by the New York City Office of Emergency Management, Dec 2

December 2012: “Paluweh volcano (Flores, Indonesia): first images of the growing lava dome,” Dec 3

December 2012: “Something fishy going on: Mum hit on the head by starfish falling out of the sky,” Dec 4
Photo courtesy: National Geographic Society

December 2012: “South Sudan’s elephants could be wiped out in 5 years,” Dec 4
Zoo Says Baby Elephant Will Stay in Portland, Ore.,” Dec 5
Why animals also seek teenage kicks,” Dec 12

December 2012: “New Jamaican Butterfly Species Discovered,” Dec 4

December 2012: “Golf has bigger problems than the ‘wimpy’ belly putters,” Dec 5

December 2012: The 2012 White House Christmas Card final 20 entries, Dec 6
The Candlelight Vigil at the White House,” Dec. 14

December 2012: “World’s Big Trees Are Dying:
Alarming Increase in Death Rates Among Trees 100-300 Years Old
,” Dec 6

December 2012: “Why Are African Lions Disappearing?” Dec 9

December 2012: “X-37B US military space plane launches for third flight,” Dec 11

December 2012: “Boat-load of coffins heads for Philippines disaster zone,” Dec 11

December 2012: “North Korea rocket launch raises nuclear stakes,” Dec 12

December 2012: “Hobbit home tour gears up for your totally expected journey to New Zealand,” Dec 13

December 2012: “Steam train takes to London Underground in test run” Dec 17

December 2012: “Nervous parents send kids back to school in Newtown [CT],” Dec 18

December 2012: Gandalf star returns in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Dec 20

December 2012: “Pyramids have their day in the sun,” Dec 21

December 2012: Sword-carrying “reveler during the winter solstice at Stonehenge,” Dec 21

December 2012: “Yahoo! editors have selected this [frog] video as a favorite of 2012,” Dec 23

December 2012: “Superstorm Sandy: Residents consider future as demolitions begin in Breezy Point,” Dec 24

December 2012: Ramtha’s Christmas Greeting 2012 , Dec 25

December 2012: “Power crews scramble after record number of tornadoes tear through South,” Dec 26

December 2012: “Military plane crash kills 27 in Kazakhstan,” Dec 25
Plane packed with foreign tourists crashes in Myanmar,” Dec 26
Jet rolls off Moscow runway, splits apart,” Dec 29

December 2012: “Protecting Britain’s only herd of reindeer, nestled in Scottish highlands,” Dec 28


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