Science: “‘Junk DNA’ is what is in control” –
Ramtha on “junk DNA” over a decade ago

– “New DNA project shows us living beyond our genes”
“In what many scientists say is a revolution in biology, a giant new project is rewriting our understanding not only of what causes diseases or what makes our eyes a certain color, but what makes us human. And it turns out scientists have been looking in the wrong place for a very long time.

The bounty of new discoveries, released in a batch of 40 research papers on Wednesday [Sept. 5], shows the stretches of DNA that we call genes are only a very small piece of what makes the body work. Much more important is the stuff in between the genes – stuff once dismissed as “junk DNA”. It turns out that junk DNA is what is in control, they report in the series of papers in the journals Nature, Science and elsewhere.”

“Scientists already knew in 2003, as they finished the giant Human Genome Project, that they did not have the understanding they had hoped for. It turned out that humans had just a measly 22,000 genes – fewer than some animals and far fewer even than a plant such as rice. How could something as complex and advanced as a human be boiled down into something so simple?”

“The next phase of work, called ENCODE for Encyclopedia of DNA Elements, shows there’s nothing simple about it. As many as 40 million different switches are controlling these genes, turning them on and off in complex and subtle ways,” quoting By Robert Bazell and Maggie Fox, NBC News.
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– “Bits of Mystery DNA, Far From ‘Junk,’ Play Crucial Role”
By Gina Kolata in the New York Times.
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– Update: September 9, 2012
“Scientists on what the ENCODE junk DNA study really said”
By Bradley J. Fikes in the North County Times (San Diego County).
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– The following are Ramtha quotes on the hidden potential of ‘Junk DNA’

Mini-Retreat Yelm, WA, February 3-7, 1998
“In junk DNA – which was given to you by the Gods, the progenitors of your neocortex – there is a lot that you have never been and have the potential of becoming.”

Boktau III Yelm, WA, June – July, 1998
“Cells divide according to the DNA structure. What directs which part of the double helix to unfold to print a fax copy to give to the cell so the cell can make amino acids and be regenerated? If the double helix is really our family tree, the history of ourself, then we use less than a tenth of the double helix in full-scale potential. And junk DNA is literally waiting for new concepts, but who turns the concepts on?
It is how the brain thinks. It is the emotions that the brain gives to the body that causes the cells to mutate. How those cells are created is based directly upon brain signals that allow the double helix of the DNA to re-create copies according to mental pictures.”

Beginning C & E® Workshop Yelm, WA, September 12-13, 1998
“Mental concepts exist that have never been approached because they have been taboo to everything you have believed in. How many wild horses run in your mind? How much life can we get out at this biological organism if we could set aside our genetic taboos? Is the other 97 percent of the DNA — called junk DNA — the genes for the Gods? Is your DNA fused with Homo erectus? Homo erectus only saw itself as viable and clever to prevent its death in its environment, but the Gods travel space and time, and you have the same genes.
Which genes are you living by? Is it possible that your God genes have never been used but only your survival genes have been used? How much of your thinking throws away genetic DNA? How much of your thinking throws away the possibility of using your brain to an exceptionally extraordinary high level of potentiality? How many times do you look in the mirror and focus on your body instead of sitting quietly and focusing on your mind?”

Beginning Retreat – Blue College Optional Yelm, WA, November 6, 1999
“Do you know what turns on that junk DNA? Truth — not a diet. “

Advanced Evening Yelm, WA, January 25, 2001
“Every cell biologist knows that the cell is immortal, because it has an immortal gene in it, and that there is a whole group of DNA — called junk DNA — that has never been used by the cell. What do you suppose is in junk DNA? All that we have never been. Our DNA has room for us to mentally change. Our DNA in every cell in our body has room for us to dream and to manifest a goal as privileged, as idealistic, as noble as those moments we have garnered in our life. Our cells, our DNA, have made room for the possibility of an unlimited mind. All we have to do is turn that mind on and that DNA will turn on. Without the free will of a state of consciousness, that DNA will always be called junk DNA. It will always be latent and you will be asking the question, ‘If I have immortality in every cell of my body, why did it not turn on?'”

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