Judy Wagner’s impressive consistency in her wins

RSE student Judy Wagner is building consistency with another Casino win attributed to the application of the training she has received at RSE, put into practice in her life.
Here is Judy’s story in her own words:

“I won $1500 playing Keno (a 5 Number Special).
When I went to check my numbers, I had a knowingness that I should renew and play another 10 games.

As I am watching the Keno Board and my numbers began to appear, I was analogical and KNEW my numbers would win.
I played 20 games for $30 and my net win was $,1470.

Why did I keep playing the numbers…..I surrendered to my knowingness and allowed my God to come forward.

The knowledge learned at this magnificent school is priceless.
I am forever grateful to JZ and Ramtha.”

Judy’s previous documented wins:
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– Judy Wagner has won over $4,000 since the Realization Shop
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– Judy & Don Wagner acknowledged by Red Wind Casino
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