Living proof on the value of creating one’s reality – Colombia

Fire above Bogota, Colombia, September 21, 2013

Our Colombia coordinators shared their unique story with our School, inspired by what a collective mind can do, as they recently learned from Argentina students using their focused will to stop a blaze there. Click here for that story.
The following are the stories of Iliana Valdes (Cali, Colombia) and Angela Aguirre (Bogota, Colombia) in their own words.

Angela owns a beautiful restaurant in the mountainous area of Bogota.
A fire started there last Saturday, September 21 in extremely dry conditions.
The flames could be seen from Angela’s restaurant.
The local newspaper wrote that Tramonti (the mountainous area where the restaurant is located) was the most threatened by the fire. Therefore, Angela had to close her business and cancel all of their events.

Immediately, all of Angela’s closest friends started their focus work as a collective, placing The Grid ® on the whole mountain so the fire would not reach the restaurant and that the fire would stop.

Many students from RSE and other beliefs gathered around Angela’s place – she accepted focus from all of those willing. Angela said she had been doing a lot of grid and twilight focus.

The fire was all over the local news (see the pictures below), as local firemen could not contain the blaze, so the Colombian Army and other corporate staff were helping.

On Sunday, the fire started heading up the mountain, away from and not down towards the restaurant.
Angela believes all of the focus work from all the people is what that turned the tide in what could have been a tragic loss for her.

The fire is not out yet, however out of harm’s way to her property.

She said it was a miracle when the flames started up the mountain and not down to the restaurant!!!!
Focus WORKS!!!!!!

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