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UPDATE: January 20 , 2014
“The Wisdom of Crowds and Remote Viewing”
“Interview with the creators of Remote View Daily”
By Jair Robles, SuperConsciousness.
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From Remote-View Daily:, is a remote viewing practice website developed by long time RSE students Guustaaf Damave and David Fairley.

The website was initially created to practice remote viewing on randomly picked images, and results were provided every morning on the site. A new design and interface, which has been months in development, launched earlier this year. There are now additional options to hone your remote viewing skills with numbers as well as a practical application of these disciplines allowing you to intentionally create a reality using the WA State lotto games, Mega Millions and PowerBall.

Users can practice their remote viewing skills daily by submitting both an image and number remote view before 4PM PST. Results are provided later that evening and personal performance (RVA – Remote View Average) is tracked in the user’s account.
There are two options you can participate in that we have coined as the following: “Crowd Viewing” and “Crowd Focusing”.

Crowd Viewing combines the wisdom of the crowd effect (see our website for a greater description) with remote viewing. Numbers selected individually are then weighted to the most often chosen numbers by the group members as a whole (5 main numbers, 1 Mega or Power Number) and these “top ranked” numbers become the groups crowd viewing pick for the next draw(s). These group viewed numbers will potentially have a higher probability of being correct than an individual on their own. Groups have to have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 1000 members – the more members in a group the higher the probability of the numbers being correct.

Crowd Focusing builds upon the RSE teachings (thanks to JZ and Ram) of intentionally creating reality and choosing a single series of numbers and playing those numbers until they hit. Groups of a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 100 will all focus collectively on creating the same numbers for either the Mega Millions or PowerBall lotteries.

While the daily remote view practice tools are free, becoming part of a crowd viewing or crowd focusing group, to work towards an actual JackPot win, is subscription based.
Becoming a member of a crowd focusing or viewing group is very affordable (less than a latte), especially compared to purchasing individual tickets yourself. Please look on our site at for pricing.

Finally, Damave and Fairley are very excited about the massive amount of data we are collecting (83,000 remote views, from 3300+ subscribers to date) and how this can be utilized by science to better understand human consciousness and the natural capacity of knowing the future that is innate in every human being. As a subscriber you will also be contributing to this cutting edge scientific experiment in human potential applied in the real world.

Founder and CTO Guustaaf Damave

CEO Dave Fairley

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