Living proof on the value of creating one’s reality

Cordoba, Argentina-area fire stopped at RSE students’ property line.
Photo credit: RSE’s Venezuela coordinator Andrea Rivera

From RSE’s Argentina coordinator Patricia Gesto in her own words:
“We had terrible fires a few days ago that have taken large areas of “Valle de Calamuchita” Córdoba. 450 people have to be evacuated …. and firemen couldn’t stop it !!!
Some RSE students actually live in this very region.

Together we focused on stopping the fire, each one from our own place!!
C&E®, candles, Neighborhood Walk® or contemplation have been our tools for reaching success !!
Personally, Tuesday evening [September 10], I could contemplate a forest with green shoots coming out of the ground …. it was a beautiful and powerful contemplation !!

Early the next morning, I was informed the fire had stopped and the students and their homes were all ok I began to laugh!! It was an amazing experience !!! It worked !!!

I know we can do marvelous things !!!

Thanks to Ramtha & JZ !!!

Fire spreads across the Taim Ecological Station in Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil, on March 27. The fire, which had started the day before, had reached approximately 1,400 acres and the risk of spreading was severe since there is no way to reach the place by water or land. Photo credit: NBC News, The Year in Pictures: 2013, #9.

From RSE’s Venezuela coordinator Andrea Rivera in her own words:
“These last days there was a HUGE fire that affected Cordoba – Argentina, not only the forests but also the homes and properties of lots of people. The amazing thing is that one front of the fire stopped and extinguished exactly on the fence of a property where [there] is settled a community of students from Argentina called Yacanto. When I saw the picture it blew my mind!”

“I hope you may find this very interesting and useful to encourage students all over the world.

– “Fire in Cordoba, Argentina”
“Wildfires have struck the Cordoba province of Argentina, caused by high seasonal temperatures and strong winds. Firefighters have been struggling to put a halt to the flames and hundreds of people have been evacuated. It is estimated that thousands of hectares of land have been affected.

One of the worst affected areas of Cordoba is Calamuchita where 450 people were evacuated and 30 houses were destroyed in Yacanto,” quoting the International Charter “Space and Major Disasters”.
Read more about this story.

– JZ Knight comments on receiving this “amazing” news
“This is an amazing picture that lifted me so much!
This picture reflects a thousand words from Ramtha on creating one’s reality.
Not only are our properties, homes, and yes, even bees protected, but much, much more!
Thank you for an astonishing proof of this.”

– “Create Your Day®” is an original teaching by Ramtha.
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