Jaime Leal-Anaya’s experiences with The Grid®

Jaime Leal-Anaya’s experiences with Ramtha’s discipline of The Grid® as explained in Yelm April 18, 2015

“I had a wonderful experience with The Grid®. I visited my dad’s ranch in La Rumorosa, Baja California, near the Tecate/San Diego, California, border at the beginning of 2012. Before I left, I overlaid The Grid on his property to keep my dad and his ranch safe.

Some months later there was a brush fire which scorched a lot of properties in that area, helped by strong winds and very arid conditions. My dad was very frightened but was shocked and surprised that the fire stopped right around his property line, leaving a rectangular scorched line right outside his fence line! I started laughing when he described this to me and told him I had focused on something very special at his ranch while I visited him to keep it safe and that it clearly had worked. My parents were very happy the ranch was not touched by the fire at all and that their plants and trees and greenery, which take a long time to grow in that arid area, were all left intact.

My brother Eduardo happens to have the property next door. I realized that I did not include his property in my focus. I love my brother but didn’t think to extend The Grid to his land also. The fire took his property and got burned all the way to my dad’s property line and then stopped right there. No one was hurt though.

Soon after that incident a lot of UFO activity started happening there from time to time. Both my parents and brothers and their families, whoever was there at the right time, got to see unusual and unexplainable light shows and UFO activity really close. They would text me or send me pictures and a video of it as it was happening, excited, shocked, and wondering what it could be or mean. The footage, especially the video my brother Eduardo took, is quite amazing and unusual. I did not put the two together, the connection between The Grid and UFO activity, until JZ pointed it out to me.
They have had a lot of UFO activity right there since I was last laying The Grid at my dad’s ranch.

I had a similar experience with The Grid last winter also. I focused on The Grid at the place where I was living at the time, specifically to protect a cedar fence I had built to keep it safe from trees or branches possibly falling, as we were experiencing very strong winds. I was concerned because I was going to be away for an extended period of time. When I returned, the first thing I noticed was that a tree had indeed fallen very, very close to the edge of the fence, about four inches away. A few cedar planks got knocked out but nothing was broken and I was able to place them back quickly and easily. If the tree had fallen only a few inches closer, it would have demolished my beautiful cedar fence. I was very happy I focused on The Grid before I left. Now I also understand why the neighbor kept seeing and reporting to me unusual activity hovering over that property. This is very interesting and helps me broaden my acceptance.

I wanted to share those stories with you. The Grid® is surely very powerful and focus always works, as Ramtha has taught us so well.
To the future.”

Jaime Leal-Anaya

  From outside the fence  

  Cedar Fence  

  Lights in sky  

– UPDATE: July 6, 2015
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[Note: the Blue Grid!]
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