Argentina Class 101, April 17 – 21, 2015 – Event Links

From RSE Teacher Jaime Leal-Anaya:
“On Friday, April 17, the awesome class 101 combo event started in Argentina, in Capilla del Monte, a gorgeous and powerful place, with our awesome coordinator Patricia Gesto at the helm and her team. They are doing a fantastic job with almost 40 participants, most of which are super jazzed brand new students.
Below she shared with me this morning that, suddenly, a wind storm started the early dawn hours of today followed by thunder then rain then hail, which knocked out all the power at the hotel.
Ram loves doing that all over the world for our events every single time, as we all know very well from firsthand experience.
He made his presence very clearly known to the Argentina group creating havoc for registration and our beautiful coordinators but they were prepared and warned in advance and took care of it and started on time anyway.
Below is a photo with their opening session of Sending-and-Receiving results. They did awesome, of course.
They all send their love and gratitude to JZ and Ram and the school and are super jazzed!”

Event Photo Album & Orb Show
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Sending and Receiving

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