Ektara responds to NVN story about Dr. Martinez

Jeanne Jarecki [aka: Ektara]

RSE student Ektara sent a Letter to Nisqually Valley News (NVN) Publisher/Editor Michael Wagar, which was published in his newspaper’s April 16 online edition and the April 17 print edition. Used with the permission of Jeanne Jarecki [aka: Ektara].
The letter was in response to the NVN story of March 19, 2015 about Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC,
Chiropractor Who Led Ramtha DNA Study Sanctioned for Fraud.”
Ektara said, “This is a little scary for me to be so bold, out of my comfort zone. Dr. Matt has been there so many times for everyone. I really wanted to stand up for him and the school.”

“Challenging ‘Brilliant’ Doctor’s Credibility Marginalizes the NVN”
Posted: Thursday, April 16, 2015 12:13 pm


I am challenging Nisqually Valley News Publisher Michael Wagar on the promise you made when you came to our school, Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, stood on our stage and promised that you would write honest, unbiased articles about us. The article that you allowed about Dr. Matt Martinez was neither.

To go after the credibility of a brilliant doctor, (did you look up his credentials?) to undermine the DNA test that would give credence to our school by using fraud, marginalized you and your paper. For what end? I surmise, to keep the doubt in skeptical minds about our lovely school. To reinforce the line of polarity, to continue the onslaught of those for and against us.

Maybe truth would have been a more noble way to sell papers. Even though the article was fraudulent and the proof forthcoming, I have not seen an apology or a retraction clearing the name of Dr. Martinez, nor a follow up on the DNA study. Had you sought a higher action, you just might have been involved in reporting the cutting-edge technology stemming from some of the new founded results.

So now concerning Dr. Matt:

After a head-on collision 11 years ago in which the car that hit me with the thrust from someone passing a car in my lane around a blind corner totaling my husband’s heavy 4×4 truck, three years of therapy, no longer insured, not able to work and going to a chiropractor every three or four days, I made the decision not to continue and to work on healing in my mind. Eight years passed before I went back for a treatment. Then I saw remarkable results in two of my friends and decided to try Dr. Matt with the hope for my own results, in which I am getting.

Besides being a stellar chiropractor and healer, he is ever present, kind and loving to each and every patient. There is a 10-year-old boy in a wheelchair, damaged at birth, now with some movement and feeling in his feet. A young man in Australia, also damaged at birth, is now walking and his speech is clearer with Dr. Matt’s help.

So when I read your scandalous article, it was clear to me that you choose not to do proper research. A caring man who charges seniors $20 a treatment would never not pay an employee or overcharge a patient. I knew immediately that this was an attack on our school at the expense of Dr. Martinez to undermine the DNA study.

In my eyes you no longer deserve our trust. You are not an advocate for truth and you have not kept your word.

Jeanne Jarecki [Ektara]

Click here for the Nisqually Valley News online post.

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