Yelm area’s Dr. Karriem H. Ali, MD responds to NVN –
About Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC story

Dr. Karriem H. Ali, MD

Dr. Karriem H. Ali, MD wrote the following letter to Nisqually Valley News reporter Steven Wyble:

I would like to share some thoughts with you regarding your recent publication as below:
Chiropractor Who Led Ramtha DNA Study Sanctioned for Fraud
“Martinez Improperly Charged a Client’s Insurance; Falsely Claimed He Was a Licensed Massage Practitioner”
By Steven Wyble, posted online Thursday, March 19, 2015 –
“The chiropractor who took DNA swabs for tests purportedly showing JZ Knight’s DNA changes when she channels Ramtha, a spiritual entity, was sanctioned by the state’s chiropractic commission two years ago, state records show.

The Washington Department of Labor and Industries also issued Matthew Martinez an assessment in September 2014 for $14,622.17 in unpaid wages.”

Interesting line of commentary. Your presentation appears to be founded upon allegations against Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC none of which relate in any way to the suitability of an individual to conduct DNA investigations. In my impromptu online research, I found the following document~

In reading said document, I found the State of Washington Chiropractic Quality Assurance Commission ‘stipulated’ that:
• A given patient was treated in a clinic in Olympia WA on or about 24 July 2009.
– She was not reported to have been harmed or mistreated in any way.
– Her insurance carrier was billed for unspecified services using CPT codes promulgated by the AMA.
– The record does NOT show this treatment as having involved Dr. Matthew Martinez.

• The same patient’s insurance carrier was billed by Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC on or about 26 February 2011.
– She was not reported to have been harmed or mistreated in any way.
– The insurance billing in question referred to three CPT codes corresponding to chiropractic manipulations and therapeutic exercises.
– Dr. Martinez failed to document these procedures in his clinical record.
– The Commission only takes issue with this clerical omission, NOT with the quality of treatment given to the patient by Dr. Martinez. The “sanction” against him amounted to a procedural fine, continuing education and monitoring focused upon his attention to more appropriate clinical note-taking.
Of note was their mention that Dr. Martinez had no past disciplinary record.

I was unable to find any reference to your newspaper’s allegation that Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC ever “Falsely Claimed He Was a Licensed Massage Practitioner.” Perhaps you could provide such, or a reference noting same?

I did not concern myself with the allegation attributed to the Washington Department of Labor and Industries for “unpaid wages,” as I find such consideration spurious and irrelevant to any association with the quality of a physician’s care or DNA research.

My wife is presently attended to by Dr. Martinez, DC. As a physician and member of the community at large, I find no fault with the care he has given. I cannot speak to Dr. Martinez’, DC past (as I have only had the pleasure of his acquaintance for a few recent months), however, from brief observations of his clinics, I can see where he (or his staff) could have once overlooked making an entry into the clinical record suitable to the standards of an insurance corporation and a remote, governing commission.

Dr. Martinez, DC clearly extends and overextends himself in order to see most capably and compassionately to the needs and demands of his burgeoning patient flow. The noted allegations are virtually slanderous related to the actual records found in my search. What I did find seems equivalent to mailing payment for an insurance bill, but forgetting to sign your check~ the corporation could very well treat your payment as fraudulent for not being appropriately signed and, as such, sanction you with fees for late and/or non-payment.

I thank you for taking the time to read this letter, sir. I do look forward to your thoughtful reply.

Best regards,

KH Ali, MD

Posted: March 29th, 2015 - Featured Articles, Genetics, News Headlines, Science

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