Project Hope: David Batten is having miracles happen in his life!

Dr. Matt Martinez, DC and David Batten

– UPDATE: December 22, 2014
See Dave’s latest physical achievement – climbing onto his bed unaided!
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Introducing “Project Hope!”

Project Hope is about a young man named David from Australia that Dr. Matt, DC is helping.

David was misdiagnosed at birth & as a result has been in a wheelchair his whole life.

He is a carefree & happy young man & loves life & his family.

Dr. Matt, DC recently spent 5 days in Oz working with David to regain control of his body, with wonderful results.

This has been an amazing journey for David, his family & Dr. Matt, DC!

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Read more on how RSE has guided David’s life.

David Batten, November 2014

– UPDATE: July 7, 2015

Lynda Rose, David’s mum, Dr. Matt, David Batten, Olympia, WA, July 7, 2015
Photo credit: Molly Krause

“Fabulous and magical day at Absolute Health Clinic and Urgent Care Clinic Olympia WA.
And fabulous and loving care from by wonderful Molly McEwen (Krause), too xxx,” quoting Lynda Rose, David’s mum.

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