RSE Ghana coordinator Sam Acquah’s inspiration from Ramtha’s teachings

RSE Coordinator in Ghana, Sam Acquah (left) with a dear friend
promoting the arrival there of The Mind Gladiators of the Future.
Photo credit: Jenny Gifford

Noting Ramtha as the main inspiration in his life, RSE Ghana Coordinator Sam Acquah recently shared with Beyond the Ordinary (BTO) that writings from his contemplation of Ramtha’s teachings helps him absorb and integrate what he is learning. The following is the poem Sam penned that he shared with BTO listeners:

Author – Sam Acquah

“If you can turn water into wine

And walk on water and a mine

And not drown or be hurt

By treading upon serpent,

Then 3 loaves obey the multiple rule

One fish turns into a school

Health becomes a contagion

And every element your minion.

If you were such a master

What will be your chatter,

If the common is a friend

And they desire you to bend?

For they do prefer to align

With fate while you live by design.

Their anchors in the past and regrets

You live in the now with no footprints.

So you won’t cast to them pearls

Lest they trample on them to hell,

You won’t be equally yoked

Lest your life becomes a joke,

You shall talk to them in parables

Lest your wisdom stir troubles

And grant them all innocence

When they err in ignorance.

These you can do and greater.

But when Masters haven’t mastered

And loaves have to be baked,

And wine has to be made

For palates to brand by taste,

And need boats to cross water,

And thoughts delayed into matter,

And still be in idiots’ world but

Be and not be part of its rut

Till the body’s chain is dropped

And the mind’s wing is flapped,

Then Masters we become in hard labor.

A Master lives not by his senses

A Master lives by making choices

A Master is a not taker

A Master is a giver and creator.

In challenges he sees gains

Not problems and time of pains

And when he exhausts his haul

He turns within to his God

For in the common he sees his limit

And parlays not with any idiot.

These are a Master’s daily chores.”

RSE’s African Coordinators: Nelson Letshwene (Botswana), Kathy Somma (South Africa), Sam Acquah (Ghana) with RSE Event Services Manager Steve Klein. Yelm, Christmas 2012 gathering of all of RSE’s worldwide coordinators.

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