Beyond the Ordinary hosts RSE coordinators’ interviews

Beyond the Ordinary internet radio hosts Nancy Lorenz and Elena Young join the excitement of Ramtha’s 2014 World Tour with interviews of RSE coordinators ahead of the events to be held in their countries:

Throughout 2014 you will meet the RSE Coordinators around the world
These programs are free to listen
You will learn amazing things about Ramtha’s School
Stories of students creating reality it’s Magical and it’s Real!

Watch for our current interviews here
Be inspired by the RSE Coordinators.
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Click here for all of these inspiring interviews:
Laura Mooney – Teacher
Jaime Leal-Anaya – Teacher
Steve Klein – RSE Event Services Mgr.
– Viktoria Sears – USA: Upper Midwest, Twin Cities
– Nacho Fernández – Spain
– Yulita Yoo – South Korea
– Mauricio Jaimes – México
– Denise Chapdelaine – Canada
– Lilian Tapia – Los Angeles, CA USA.
– Sam Acquah – Ghana
– George Wang – China
– Miranda Sarbach – Switzerland
– Jo Linmans – Belgium
– Helga Krachler – Austria
– Janine Fuller – Australia
– Ana Zalcberg – Brazil
– Wen-Chun Liao – Taiwan
– Brazil Class 101 post event interviews: Coordinator Ana Zalcberg, Teacher Jaime Leal-Anaya

More to come!

Click here for all of the Ramtha World Tour coordinators’ interviews and inspiring stories.

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