WA Supreme Court denies review of Coverdale’s appeal

Washington Supreme Court responds to Coverdale’s request for direct review

YELM, WA., July 9, 2014 —The Washington Supreme Court has determined that the appeal of a judgment in JZ Knight’s favor does not warrant its review. In July 2013, Thurston County Superior Court Judge Gary Tabor granted summary judgment in favor of JZK, Inc. in its lawsuit against Virginia Coverdale. Coverdale appealed and took the unusual step of trying to bypass the Appellate Court level to ask for “direct review” by the Supreme Court of Washington. After reviewing the pleadings and motions by both parties, the Supreme Court declined to accept the case directly and transferred the appeal and pending motions to the Division Two of the Court of Appeals.

Upon hearing the news, Knight said, “I am elated to know that the Supreme Court decided not to question the trial court, who saw the potential harm to the well-established contract laws as they apply to private entities. This decision sends a clear message to those who enter into contracts that contracts are enforceable and upheld in Washington State, even when those who enter into contracts later declare they were adversely impacted.”

Knight’s attorney stated the Appellate Court will now review JZK, Inc.’s motion to dismiss the whole appeal for lack of merit. The Appellate Court will also decide what to do with the temporary stay of JZK, Inc.’s efforts to collect on its award of over $600,000 as well as penalties for Contempt of Court assessed against Coverdale.

“Ms. Coverdale’s appeal is based entirely on trial court orders that were properly issued according to controlling settled law, and clearly within the discretion of the trial court. As a result, the appeal is meritless and should be dismissed in its entirety,” said JZK, Inc. attorney Jeffrey Grant.

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