RSE’s “Healing the Body with the Mind” work is published

The Spiritual Media Blog published this story February 7, 2014:

Healing the Body with the Mind
“There is a reason the Ramtha School of Enlightenment is called an ‘academy of the mind.’

Students are taught ancient wisdom along with the latest discoveries in cellular biology, neuroscience, and quantum physics. These valuable teachings allow people to access the extraordinary powers and abilities of their minds to improve their health and their emotional and spiritual lives.”

“JZ Knight, President of RSE and the unique channel for Ramtha, supports this idea because “normal life is not disconnected from one’s spiritual thought.” At Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, students learn to incorporate concepts of quantum physics, neurogenesis, and neuroplasticity into their everyday lives, wherein the next day one builds on the day before to become even better.”
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