Super Predictions for Super Sunday

Remote-Viewing Exercise Predicts Power of the 12th Man

YELM, Washington, February 6, 2014 – At a remote-viewing exercise on Super Bowl Sunday [February 2, 2014], more than 450 students from Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment participated in predicting the future. The students were asked to focus upon a specific envelope and draw their impressions on paper. The content of the envelope revealed the “12th Man” and the logo of the Seattle Seahawks football team. Over two dozen students recorded a matching drawing or description.

Click here to view each individual matching drawing or description.

Remote-viewing is simply described by researcher Stephan Schwartz as “A mysterious human ability to know things in spite of being shielded from that knowledge by time or space, or both.”

JZ Knight, President of RSE and channel for Ramtha the Enlightened One, says, “The school curriculum involves training people to use the latent abilities in their own brain as a daily exercise and integrate that into their lives. Accurate results for the Super Bowl event confirm the power of remote-viewing,” says Knight. “Every person has some sort of psychic ability, and this exercise develops each person’s skills.”

Students around the world will get the opportunity to learn and practice remote-viewing during the “Masters of Divine Jazz World Tour” that brings the teachings of Ramtha in 2014 to eight countries in addition to the United States. Each event will be five days. The cost is $850 U.S. for early registration and $950 for late entries. All events are open to the public.

Travel and hotel information can be found at the World Tour Divine Jazz website: To register for the event, students can email [email protected], visit the website,, or call 360.458.5201 ext. 110.

Thousands of RSE students’ experiences, along with the research of Schwartz, demonstrate that regular use of remote-viewing can yield valuable results to those who seek enlightenment and nontraditional studies where students gain the power to create their future Now.

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