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Mary Elizabeth Meyers credits RSE in three $1,000+ wins

Mary Elizabeth Meyers

On September 28, 2013, Mary Elizabeth Meyers cashed $2,255 USD ($2,195 net) in jackpot winnings at Lucky Eagle Casino! Here is Mary Elizabeth’s story in her won words:

“Since Ram’s teaching on alchemy and the crucible, I desired to utilize this teaching and work on keeping the fire burning strong. Consciously, I place my program of lack during candle focus and my Neighborhood Walk® in the flame and see it burning. Since then, my winnings at the casino have increased consistently with over $1,000 winnings (net) twice this month.

The day I won the jackpot, we were having a furiously, chaotic storm. Looking outside, I consciously knew I desired to be that storm. I went out for my Neighborhood Walk® and focused on becoming every word I placed before my God.

On the drive to the Lucky Eagle Casino that morning, I endeavored to remain self-aware and self-correct any thoughts about need or lack. I focused on “destiny”. I’ve created my destiny and I have always had the patience for my dreams to unfold.

I played a few machines that morning and then moved over to Coyote Moon.
I put my $140 ticket in the machine and focused on “all wilds just appear out of the void, simply”.
I paused and just looked at the screen before me, seeing everything.
I closed my eyes, took a breath to remind myself to be still and just know – then I increased my bet to $4.
It took me a few moments to even realize I had hit the jackpot!
Total jackpot was, $2255.00. Net for the day, $2195.00.

When I walk out of the casino on those days that I’ve left a deposit, I always say on my Neighborhood Walk® to my car, “I’ve always been a winner,” no matter how much my personality would love to tell me otherwise.

I give gratitude to Ramtha and JZ for giving me the knowledge and inspiration to never give up on my dreams, or myself!”

Additionally, Mary Elizabeth won:
– September 1 Red Wind Casino Jackpot = $1,100 net
– September 9 Lucky Eagle Casino Jackpot = $1,038 net

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