Student Accomplishments: Christopher S. Duncklee regrows his finger!
Attributes Ramtha’s teachings for his healing

Chris’s finger at injury site

Chris’s finger healed

Christopher S. Duncklee from New Hampshire tells of utilizing Ramtha’s teachings to heal his injury –
in his own words.

“On July 9 of this year, I cut the end of my finger off on a table saw. I was a bit surprised but not in shock.
I told myself, “I am more than my body.”

Even more so, I knew it.
I told myself the pain was simply a signal that my “Diving Suit” had just experienced catastrophic failure, but that my spirit had not.

I went to the hospital and strangely it didn’t really hurt. I was seen by a finger and hand specialist. He said there was nothing they could do and that if I were lucky I would have a short finger and would be able to use it again in 6 months. He told me I was lucky because I had only chipped the bone, which I could see.

I refused to hear that it would be stumpy as I am a Maritime Artist and a Timberframe craftsman. I went back to work in 2 days and refused the handicap. I treated it as if it were still whole and joked I would grow it back but that it may look like a lizard tail or starfish when it grows back. That was less than 3 months ago and it is completely healed and has fingerprints grown back with only a hint of scaring. Ram has been in my life since my early 20s. I will be 50 next year.
Ramtha’s teachings are deep within my subconscious, and I was given a chance to see it firsthand — LOL,

Thanks Ram. You have taught me so much about who and what I am all about.”

“Ramtha’s teachings have been in my life for so long that I think as he taught me, automatically, like a musician would play a fine tune by memory.

I did use the Blue Body® knowledge I learned from Ramtha.

I had experiences in the blue realm as a child and never knew where I was and what the blue ball was that I followed in deep lucid sleep.

Ramtha explained it to me.
I put my mind/finger there knowing the finger existed in all the other realms, except this one (Ramtha’s paper doll teaching), so I placed The Grid ® around it and drew it forward into this realm that my “diving suit” exists in.

My finger was usable in within a few weeks, not the 6 months the doctor told me it would take.
I kept remembering Ramtha’s words about patience.

A big thanks to JZ for her sacrifices to bring Ramtha to us.
I am forever grateful for the future lives I don’t have to live by working and crunching time in this one!”

– Ramtha spoke in 1992 about the potential for a human to regrow a limb
“The human brain does not possess the knowledge to make cells grow an arm back, but what consciousness does possess that? The salamander.
So when the witch brews up a brew and it is made of salamanders and toads and bat wings and snake scales, what would be the symbology of each of those creatures in the brew? That their life force is the elixir that you drink that brings on a consciousness that tells the cells to regrow that arm, and it grows.
Did your mother ever teach you that you could grow an arm back? No one ever taught you that. Are you capable of learning it? Yes, but what would be your ideal? The salamander.”

– Ramtha
Evening with Ramtha
Yelm, WA.
May 20, 1992

– Ramtha spoke in 1986 about the potential for a human to regrow a limb
“The body was created to live forever.”

“Your body is prepared to regrow a limb, an organ, to re-create eyesight, to re-create any living portion of its whole self. Every cell that you have, in its genetic structure of its DNA and its chromosome structures, carries with it the print of the whole.”
– Ramtha
Excerpt from: Ramtha in Los Angeles, The Next Step — Superconsciousness
Los Angeles, CA
May 31, 1986.

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