Water found in Martian soil – Ramtha on life on Mars

“Nasa scientists have confirmed in a paper published in journal Science
that Curiosity has found water molecules in Martian soil.
Photograph: Nasa/Getty Images

– “Nasa’s Curiosity rover finds water in Martian soil”
“Water has been discovered in the fine-grained soil on the surface of Mars, which could be a useful resource for future human missions to the red planet, according to measurements made by Nasa’s Curiosity rover.

Each cubic foot of Martian soil contains around two pints of liquid water, though the molecules are not freely accessible, but rather bound to other minerals in the soil.

The Curiosity rover has been on Mars since August 2012.”

“One of Curiosity’s main missions is to look for signs of habitability on Mars, places where life might once have existed. “The rocks and minerals are a record of the processes that have occurred and [Curiosity is] trying to figure out those environments that were around and to see if they were habitable,” said Peter Grindrod, a planetary scientist at University College London who was not involved in the analyses of Curiosity data,” quoting Alok Jha in UK’s Guardian.
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– UPDATE: November 15, 2013
“NASA Video Shows Ancient Mars as Lush, Water World”
“The video of Mars as an ocean world, which NASA released Wednesday (Nov. 13), shows the Red Planet’s evolution from a lush land with water oceans to the barren, rocky world is today, quoting Tanya Lewis,
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– UPDATE: December 9, 2013
“NASA’s Curiosity finds life could have flourished in ancient Mars lake”
“‘Ancient Mars was more habitable than we imagined,’ Caltech geologist John Grotzinger, the mission’s lead scientist, said of the findings described in six papers in the journal Science and at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco,” quoting Amina Khan in the Los Angeles Times.
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– UPDATE: April 25, 2014
“Traces of recent water on Mars: Liquid water on Mars as recently as 200,000 years ago”
“New research has shown that there was liquid water on Mars as recently as 200,000 years ago,” quoting ScienceDaily.
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– UPDATE: December 16, 2014
“Life on Mars? Curiosity Rover’s Readings Revive Methane Mystery”
“The Curiosity team’s findings about Martian organic compounds were discussed Tuesday at the American Geophysical Union’s meeting in San Francisco, and NASA said publication in a scientific journal was pending.”
By Alan Boyle, NBC News.
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– UPDATE: March 5, 2015
“Mars: The planet that lost an ocean’s worth of water”
“A primitive ocean on Mars held more water than Earth’s Arctic Ocean, and covered a greater portion of the planet’s surface than the Atlantic Ocean does on Earth, according to new results published today. An international team of scientists used ESO’s Very Large Telescope, along with instruments at the W. M. Keck Observatory and the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility, to monitor the atmosphere of the planet and map out the properties of the water in different parts of Mars’s atmosphere over a six-year period. These new maps are the first of their kind,” quoting the European Southern Observatory – ESO, in Science Daily.
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– Ramtha’s predictions of life on Mars spanning the decades
1. “If they had not intervened on this planet throughout civilizations, it would be sterile this day. Know you the planet Mars? Did you know it once was like this planet? That is what happens when you leave human beings alone. Now if you haven’t seen a good photo of that place, I will send you one.”
– Ramtha
UFO Interdimensional Understanding: Making Contact
Yucca Valley [Ca] Retreat
August 11-14, 1988

2. “So the Gods took flight and left. They abandoned their bases on Mars, the moons, and here and set up a standard of cohesive, intelligent society and civilization. But whoever was to rule was to follow a codex, a law, and the law was called Pharaoh. Pharaoh is not a person; Pharaoh is a law. And those who were initiated within the law become the embodiment of that law.”
– Ramtha
Opera of the Lampshade
The Peter Principle/The Ancient Egyptians
Secondary Retreat, Part III
Yelm, WA
March 24, 1998

3. “In my day, no one had seen the sun. We lived in a cloud cover like the Earth inside of a womb. It was healing. The Earth has had many close calls in its extermination, but it is the canvas upon which the work is being done here. If there are Gods everywhere, then the canvas of Jupiter, the canvas of Uranus, the canvas of Neptune, and even once the canvas of Mars all had life created upon them that was frequency specific to their harmonic. And so all planets had creatures vastly different than you, organisms vastly different and alien, and they have all gone through tumultuous pasts indeed to be who they are today, and they will continue to change.”
– Ramtha
Change – The Days That Are Here
April 14, 2007
CD 0705
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