Student Accomplishments:
Karen Clark credits RSE’s training for her wins

Karen Clark

RSE student Karen Kay Clark describes her learning’s from study at RSE. Here is Karen’s story in her own words:

“Thank You RSE!!!
I have been using the disciplines to help me create my dreams. When I first went into the casino, I observed a machine (Sex and the City) that seemed fun and was paying. Every time I sat down, I won, but I wanted to win the big jackpot known as MR. Big.

I started using my daily disciplines: The Neighborhood Walk®, candle focus, and C&E®. In my Neighborhood Walk®, I would say, ‘I have always won Mr. Big.’ Then I changed it to I have always won big. I realized for me to win big I needed to raise my acceptance bar. What is big? I walked both sayings for a long time.

Today [August 1], I went to the casino. I couldn’t wait to play. I had been given a gift ($$) by my God the day before on a different slot machine. At lunch with my parents [Judy & Don Wagner], I decided to propose a toast, ‘Let’s all win gifts ($$) today.’ I left the buffet and sat down to play my favorite machine. The machine was paying. I played for about 30 minutes. I knew Mr. Big was ready to pay out. I just played and had fun. I won bonus after bonus.

Then, here came Mr. Big’s bonus. I had bet max!
My cash input on the machine was $125.
After the jackpot was won. I had $2050.52. Therefore, my net was the $1915.

Bottom line is this! You do create your reality.
If you get anxious, nervous, upset, envious, etc, you are in your personality.
The machines have been a mirror to what state I am in. I love it.
Today, when I won I was just serene. I was nothing but a big smile.
It is not about the money. It is about the reflection!!

Thank you JZ! Thank you Ramtha!
Thank you RSE!
Thank you to my parents, Don & Judy!”

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