Student Accomplishments:
Heather Singleton’s impressive third win
attributing RSE training

Heather Singleton’s winning ticket

RSE student Heather Singleton used the training of focus learned at RSE in winning $2,000 in a casino drawing. Here is Heather’s story in her own words, her third impressive win in using school disciplines:

“During the Primary retreat I discovered that Red Wind Casino was offering two cash drawings Sunday thru Wednesday during the month of April. I decided then that I would focus on winning the drawing. I began incorporating that focus into my Neighborhood Walk® as well as visualizing my name on the display screens.

Each day I participated at the drawings and never gave up on my focus that my name would be drawn.

On April 29th my name was drawn and I won $2,000.00.
This win is more proof how effective the disciplines are and how exciting it is to win!

– Heather

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