Student Accomplishments:
Heather Singleton wins $10,000 Lotto –
attributes school’s teachings to her win

Heather Singleton

RSE student Heather Singleton shares her experiences with a $10,000 Lotto win using the School’s discipline of Consciousness & Energy®. Read her story in her own words:

“During the 2011 Create-Your-Year [January, 2011] event I decided to stay at my home and stream the event. I did all the disciplines as instructed throughout the event. I had been doing Consciousness & Energy® to wealth and solutions (which had been very powerful).
I’ve been focusing on the lottery with a specific set of numbers which I used for my costume and mask during the C&E and Dance with Ramtha.
I fell into a deep space of clear visualization of the lottery numbers I am playing. I felt great and free during the dance as though I had broken through some type of crippling lack attitude. The Consciousness & Energy® during the event were moving and I carried that intensity into my dance. I felt good about my costume as it embodied my immediate desire. The very next day after the event (Monday, January 17, 2011) I played the numbers that I had been focusing on, did Consciousness & Energy® & danced out during that weekend. Those numbers were Monday nights winning numbers for the Match 4 lottery! The disciplines work.”

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