RSE Introductory Event featured in Yelm newspaper

RSE’s Yelm Campus
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“RSE event provides intro to Ramtha’s philosophy”
“Ramtha. Love him or hate him, the 35,000-year-old Lemurian warrior purportedly channeled through JZ Knight is a fixture of the community.

On Saturday [May 4], more than 100 people had an opportunity to see — for free — the school that Ramtha built.

The Ramtha School of Enlightenment held an introductory event which was held in the school’s Great Arena, where chairs were set up around a stage — a departure from the school’s usual sit-on-the-floor approach.

While Knight and Ramtha themselves didn’t participate, they made appearances via video. Attendees also had the chance to apply RSE’s techniques for themselves with two remote viewing exercises.

Remote viewing is the belief that people can view an object with their mind.”

Gina Cook came from Onalaska to attend. She said it was her first time attending an RSE event, even though she’s somewhat familiar with the school’s teachings from her friends.

She said the event left her with a belief that she could do anything with focus.

‘I have to believe I can do those things and not give way to all the other conditions and things, other things that everybody says that you have to do to be successful or be happy or whatever,’ she said.

‘It’s not up to them. It’s up to me to figure that out and all I have to do is believe in me and focus on what I want, and focus on the success and focus on the happiness, and believe that I can do it.’

She got a few of the remote views correct, although she didn’t get the horse, despite her love of horses.

‘I’m always thinking about horses so I decided that must not be right,’ she said.

She said everyone was friendly, including the school staff, and she intended to be back,” quoting Steven Wyble of the Nisqually Valley News.
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