Science: “Follow our gut feelings” –
JZ and Ramtha on “gut intuition”

“Bailey Uyeno trusted her gut feeling when she sought a second opinion
on her son Kai’s hearing problems.” Photo credit: Bailey Uyeno

– “Mother’s intuition: Why we should follow our ‘gut feelings'”
“When Bailey Uyeno’s eldest child, Kai, was born, doctors were convinced he had severe hearing loss. Uyeno, a Newport Beach, CA mom, brought her son to the audiologist that the hospital had referred her to and felt instantly that something was wrong.”

“Unable to shake her uneasiness, Kai followed her intuition and sought a second opinion.”

“Whether you characterize it as a sixth sense, unconscious knowledge, a gut instinct or something else, mother’s intuition isn’t merely folk wisdom.”

“But Dr. Victor Shamas, a psychologist at the University of Arizona, firmly believes in the power of intuition. ‘I describe intuition as knowing something without knowing how you know,” quoting
Morgan Brasfield, TODAY on NBC.
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– “Follow our ‘gut feelings'” – Ramtha & JZ on this subject
– JZ on intuition & gut feelings
“Intuition, gut feelings, déjà vu, knowing something is going to happen before it does — these common experiences are natural abilities that we all have. In one form, the ability to know something beyond the five usual senses is called remote-viewing. The visions of Nostradamus were a form of remote-viewing. Instead of waiting for visions or a déjà vu moment, many people have worked to develop this ability into a skill that can be used at any time.”
– JZ Knight
May 24, 2012
Yelm, WA.
Remote Viewing – Vision of the Future

– Ramtha on the following the sensation in your gut

“If a person hasn’t developed this eye, this midbrain vision, then the way they usually get the information is they get it in gut feelings. Part of your brain sits in your gut and so you get a sensation in your gut. And the sensation will be maybe I shouldn’t go there today, maybe I shouldn’t go here, maybe I shouldn’t call that person. Those sensations cannot be seen but they are clearly strong enough that instead of the vision coming to the forebrain, you get the warning through the sensation from the gut to the brain.”
– Ramtha
February 17, 2003
Yelm, WA
The Legacy Teachings

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