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George Tufnail intentionally created reality for his healing

George Tufnail

RSE student George Tufnail from of British Columbia, Canada, one of our school’s beautiful seniors, used focus to intentionally create reality in healing what his doctor told him was potentially a cancerous tumor.
Here is George’s story in his own words:

“Around the first of December 2012, blood appeared in my urine. As this had happened before, about a year ago, I assumed it was because I wasn’t drinking enough water. I increased my water intake and the urine cleared up in about four days. I made an appointment with my doctor just to check it out. He said just because I couldn’t see blood in my urine, it was still there.

He scheduled some tests and an ultrasound of my kidney, bladder and prostate. The results showed my kidneys and prostrate were fine but I had a 3 ½ cm (1 ½ inch) tumor in my bladder. The doctor said the tumour was more than likely cancerous. He made an appointment for me with an Urologist.

The Urologist explained to me he would use an instrument to enter the bladder through the urethra. He would scrape the tumour off the bladder wall and send a sample away for a biopsy. I informed the Urologist not to expect the tumour to be there or not as big. I told him I was focusing on it. The operation was scheduled in two weeks’ time.

I asked our RSE coordinator, Deb Millett, for a healing. The response from the RSE community was overwhelming. The healing I received at the gatherings and all through the two weeks helped me hold my focus that the tumour was not there.

Four days after the operation, the Urologist told me the tumour he removed was not bigger than his thumbnail and the biopsy was negative for cancer. He said I was in good health and to go home.

I am a RSE student who has always had trouble holding a focus, a tumour was a runner that got my attention and motivated me to focus. There is no doubt, the disciplines taught by Ramtha work.”

Thank you Ramtha.

George Tufnail

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