Student Accomplishments:
Chuck Folkerth uses RSE teachings to manifest his event!

Chuck Folkerth manifested funds for his event using school’s disciplines

Here is Chuck Folkerth’s story in his own words, which he shared at the Advanced Retreat, February 25, 2013:

“The event was coming up and I needed to have someone replace me for my job two weeks before I would need the time off. So on February 11th I made the call to have someone fill in 4 shifts for me during the event. Since they are 24 hour shifts, it is really hard to go out and work and get back in to the event. I end up missing 2 days for one 24 hour time period of work. So, it doesnt really work to try to do the event and work at the same time.

Now the important part of the story. I didn’t know how I was going to get to the event itself, since I had some large biils that needed to be paid before I went. I just didn’t have the money.

I told my God if you want me to be there we have to do some big manifesting. I really didn’t have any idea how it would happen.

The previous week I had been at the casino playing keno an saw a flyer on a keno tournament coming up on the 15th of the month. I had been doing my Neighborhood Walk®: “I always won big in Keno”. So I just thought I’d make a card on it and a few days before I did some C&E®. Tuesday, I was blowing 3 things I didn’t want: lack, lazy and pride. And, 3 things I wanted: money, keno, winner. On Wednesday night, I was in the golden egg process followed by candle focus with a new card stating, “I always win the tournament.” Thursday, I worked a 24 hour shift, in a wonderful job because I’m able to do candle focus at night and in the morning and also do a Neighborhood Walk®. So I did those things Thursday before bed time. On Friday morning as I was doing the discipline Create Your Day®, I forgot my card so I made a new one saying: Winner, Casino, Keno, Now! When I left work, at 10am, I went on a trail to do another Neighborhood Walk® since the tourney signup didn’t start until noon.

When I arrived at the casino the sign-up time had been changed to 1:15pm.
Now what to do?
I could leave and come back, however I decided to play Keno.
I pulled out two sheets I had used previously, paying for 5 straight keno games at 5$ a game with 10 numbers and a pay out of $50,000, if I got all 10. The other sheet was a progressive sheet with a payout of $42,000, if I got 8 of 8. “I played 8 games of 8 numbers at $1.25 per game.”—————-
This is important because I hit 7 of 8 and it only cost 1.25 per game. Not bad for $1500

I made the entries and sat down to look at the screen as the numbers were drawn. On about the 2nd game it looked as though I had 6 numbers on the board and I thought cool, I won $97. I went to eat because I really didn’t like watching the screen. In the interim, I missed a few games and not really keeping a good eye on the screen. When I finished eating I went back to the Keno counter and had them verify my sheets. The first one said, won $1. The next one said, won $1500.

I played 8 games of 8 numbers at $1.25 per game.
This is important because I hit 7 of 8 and it only cost 1.25 per game. Not bad for $1500. I had to look twice, I thought I only had 6 numbers for considerably less, yet much to my stunned speechless shock, I had 7 numbers!

This was enough to pay for my Advanced Retreat. I enrolled the very next day!

Everything I did paid off with a wonderful dividend!
The teachings work!
Thank you Ramtha and JZ!”

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