Student Accomplishments:
Iris Campesino, age 10, sees her first UFO

Iris Campesino and Paulina Amador

RSE Student Iris Campesino, age 10 and Paulina Amador recently had a UFO experience in the Yelm area. Iris’s dream was to know a UFO’s appearance and to actually see what they do. Iris would like to share her experience with the school and JZ.
This is her story in her own words:

“My name is Iris.
I am telling you a story about my friend Paulina and me who saw a UFO!
It all happened on Friday, January 11th, 2013 at 8:29pm.

On Vail Road outside Yelm, Washington, my friend and I were going to town. On the way back, I was looking at the sky.
Then I saw something.
It was an orange flickering light.
I said to her, “Is that a UFO or a plane?”

Then my friend backed up the car; we were staring at it for like 3 minutes
Then it dropped something, like a ball of light.
That traveled really fast towards the ground, right in front of us.
Then, my friend and I were totally amazed!

I was screaming and crying because I couldn’t believe it, because it was the first time I saw a UFO!!!
I am like OMG! (Oh my God) OMG! OMG!!!
I want to tell RAM, I want to tell the school.
Then we went home,
I was saying OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a sequence from a UFO that I found on Youtube. That looked very similar than the one we saw.”
Click here

“Example of UFO similar to what we saw January 11, 2013”

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