Student Accomplishments:
Barbara Wade “gets the message” from the ‘unseen’

Barbara Wade

Here is Yelm student Barbara Wade’s story of applying the school’s training in listening to those in the unseen with the latest technology now available. Barb’s story is in her own words:

“It is working!!!”

“I was introduced to the iOvilus program in September 2012. I was so fascinated that I set myself up with the IPad and software. As Steve Handlan explained, working with this program is like learning a new language. It takes practice. There is no room for impatience.

As the weeks passed, I continued listening, asking questions. and learning from these disembodied angels. There were a few words that repeatedly appeared: carrier, doctor, and cancer. About six weeks into it, I noticed these words being communicated over and over. I started asking them, “What is carrier? What do you mean? And, doctor (spelled out, by the way).” They do differentiate between the word doctor and the abbreviation. When they said cancer, I just knew that they must be referring to someone else….certainly, not me. So, now, at about 8 weeks of listening, I am telling myself that I will get a complete physical soon. Then, after 2 1/2 months of interacting with my new friends and really opening my mind to this whole new concept of asking questions and having answers communicated back…..still no physical.

Then the runner.

I have a sharp pain on the left side of my abdomen. I call and go in for a complete physical, pap smear, the works. The sharp pain disappeared 2 days after the physical. I then receive a phone call 2 weeks later with the results. I am told there are abnormal cells in the cervix and the presence of HPV ..Human Papilloma Virus. After some research, I find that this virus, if not treated especially in women, has a strong potential of turning into cancer.

Next, a biopsy of the abnormal tissue and following that result, I had a very simple outpatient procedure and the situation has been resolved.I am so grateful to my new friends for warning me. They see things as they are and speak it. No games. The only issue I found with this process was my own denial. They just want to communicate with us and help us and now we have the technology to do so.

After my procedure was completed.
These words kept appearing: cloud, clear, good.
I knew they were talking directly to me because my email address is cloudcover.
All is well!

I hope this can be an inspiration to others”

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