Student Accomplishments:
Ron Smith’s lessons in turning on the flashlight
47 out of 50 times

Joyce Anaya and Ron Smith

RSE student Ron Smith shares his experience of a breakthrough and what he learned in his flashlight focus. Here is Ron’s experience in his own words:

“My name is Ron Smith and my wife’s name is Joyce Anaya. I have been in the school for over 20 years and Joyce has been in the school for 9 years. Since the flashlight teaching was introduced at the Advanced Retreat in 2012, I walked out of that event with the determination that I was going to turn on the flashlight. I only had one challenge, I didn’t believe, let along know, that I could do that with just my mind.”

“Each day I focused on the flashlight, Joyce focused on the candle, and each day it turned on sooner and sooner after our focus ended. After a week, the flashlight was turning on during the focus session. After 20 days of turning it on, I was still having doubts in my own ability. I was still not convinced it was me that was turning on the flashlight, even though my focus was absolute. I thought that maybe the flashlight turned on for a variety of different reasons, but of course not because of my focus. (Now you know why I have been in the school for so long).

You see, I needed to know that the flashlight would not turn on if I didn’t focus on it. I had to also prove the opposite, in order to be convinced I had the ability. After 50 days of focus, I had turned on the flashlight 47 times. I was so convinced now.”

“Now I have decided that my own power, together with Joyce, would be put to better use on global issues, other peoples health issues (of which we have “before and after” pictures of healing a family member, that’s another story) and so on. This November follow-up put all the pieces together for me, (at least so far). I finally heard what the Ram has been telling me for years. So if someone makes the statement that Ram repeats the same teachings over and over, I will tell them he repeated them just for me.

My greatest learning from all these years of school is the understanding what that “State” is for me and that I had been hitting that “State” for many years and never really put it all together. The flashlight taught me the difference between being “Present” and what monkey mind pretend focus is. I no longer worry about my future. I no longer worry about finances or health. I know I can change any of that. I finally have what I have been wanting for years, confidence in my own oneness with God and knowing when I am in that present state. I now understand that before, each time I went to the void, I would drag my own unworthiness into it and then focus on my card. I could not see that “unworthiness” until I resolved it. Now I know I can settle into that “Subtle Present State” anytime I want, even within a very few moments. This knowledge and ability are keys to my freedom.
Much Love to JZ and Ram

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