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Jean Cho on her ‘extraordinary’ Follow-up experience

Jean Cho with her card

RSE student Jean Cho shares her experience of a breakthrough from the November-December 2012 Follow-up
Here is Jean’s experience in her own words:

“At the recent December follow up, I experienced something so extraordinary, yet I was too shy to express it at the event. My partner, Dave, encouraged me to at least put my experience in writing so I will always be inspired and, hopefully, may inspire others.

This Follow-up was the first time I heard about the “New way of doing Fieldwork®”. I have been out of the loop for the past 9 months, and so, when I did practice fieldwork during the event, I felt out of sync with my usual way of doing things and asked myself, “Is the Neighborhood Walk® integrated into Fieldwork®? How slow is slow, is my slow different from others, etc..?” Though, I knew I was arguing for my limitations, I also knew that I needed more clarity in my understanding of this new approach to Fieldwork®. So, Saturday night, before I went to bed, I prayed to Ramtha to show me the way.

At 4AM, Sunday morning, I woke up in a jolt with the word “Fieldwork®” flashing before my mind. I was soooooooo excited to get on the field that I just grabbed my jacket and boots and went out. 4 hours later, with no card, wet, tired and feeling even more poorly, I find myself experiencing intense lower back pain. It continued to worsen, to the point that I could not fully participate in the morning C&E® because with each breath, the sharp pain would radiate up my spine from my coccyx to my upper lumbar. At candle focus the back pain was now steady and constant. However, during this discipline, intuitively, I knew that there was more to this but I just could not see it yet. Plus, I was not going to miss the last Fieldwork® of the year.

So, I did Fieldwork®, SLOWLY. Because of my back pain, I had no choice but to move slowly and to be present. Each step I took was a smooth seamless action as if I was literally gliding on the field because I wasn’t worrying about the outcome at all. My experience was such that when I touched my card the pain instantaneously vanished, and, without drama, I found myself in Joy. I realized that Ramtha sent me this runner so I could, on my own terms, let go of my old attitude of needing to be in control. In the past, I was a human pinball on the field going from fence to fence and I needed to let it go which, by the way, Ramtha informed me of this last year during my private.

Thank you, Ramtha and RSE for preparing me so that I did not react in the usual predictable manner. That I finally see, beyond my intellect, the deeper meaning behind “it’s not about the card” that it is more about harnessing the attributes/qualities/states of mind in order to BE the card. Again, I thank you all. I have the card (photo above) on my desk so that I will always remember this lesson.”

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