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Carol Martin a light in her world – named Nurse of the Year

Carol Martin

RSE student Carol Martin explains the breakthrough in what she has learned at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment that was a contributing factor to being named Seattle’s 2012 New Care Concepts, Inc. Nurse of the Year. Read her story in her own words:

Greater living had dwindled to three aspects–RSE and the Great Work, homebody and the job. Embedded into discovering the mystery of myself, no longer on ships, planes, trains and cars going here, there and everywhere, I am traveling with the mind, doing the disciplines and uplifting my spirit into power, knowingness and life. Ramtha taught how to access dimensional mind and I have met benevolent beings, trekked the cosmos, learned lucid dreaming, and had out-of-the-body experiences, precognitive visions and dreams. My oil paintings reflected spiritual odysseys of the inner dreamscape. Simple Living.

The hallmark of the challenging nursing assignment–the only nurse to develop a long-lasting rapport with the family and the client–had been an irritation. Why? No other nurses stayed longer than six months. I felt alone. Sunday night as I prepared for slumber, I accepted Ram’s statement (about work) made at the May 5, 2012 Celebration, the night of the super moon, about the current nursing vocation. “Work” was to lead people out the morass, which I have known and overcome.

Sunday settled, as I lay snug under down covers. Last thoughts before sleep related to Ram’s “beggar at the gate,” the person observing people’s comings and goings from ships, the beggar who had had done it all and eventually ascended.

Monday morning, November 18, I created the day and prepared to leave for work. As usual, I randomly selected a Lofty Thought card from the Chinese pottery dish prior to walking out the door, but ended up with two between the fingers instead of one. The bathroom mirror reflected a surprised face as I read each Ramtha quote:

When you are ready to let your light radiate without needing an audience, then you are really a star.

Be cluttered with unfashionable simpleness and go experience God in this your heaven that you have created.

That was like living a card found on the field! The Golden Egg’s field of gold extended beyond the bedroom and out the front door to work. I do not remember the drive to client’s home; however, I recall the aura of joy and peace as I cared for the child.

Mid-morning at the client’s home the Executive Vice President called to congratulate me for being the Nurse of the Year. RSE warrior cry broadcasted throughout the house, “WOOO WHOOO!” It was not because of her message, but for the Lofty Thought cards. I pranced about and danced and thanked the Lord God of my being for knowing what I would live this day.

Today, December 11, in the Seattle, Washington the Executive Vice President presented to me a copy of the article she had written for the Medically Intensive Care newspaper and said, “I see you as more beautiful than these words.”

I scanned the photo, read the headline and replied, “Thank you for being the mirror by which I observe myself.”
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