Student Accomplishments:
Bosmat Libovsky used School’s training during missile attack on her Israel homeland

RSE student and Israel Coordinator Bosmat Libovsky shares her experience of applying the RSE training of focus through the discipline of Consciousness & Energy®, affectionate also known as C&E®. Here is Bosmat’s story in her own words:

“This story is not from the November/December Follow-up, rather this occurred in mid-November during the missile attacks on Israel.

We’re used to missile attacks here, unfortunately, but this time, the missiles came nearer and nearer, showering over the main population center of the country, where my family lives and my friends. At some point, things felt really out of control.

I’m not usually afraid, I learned to go within and focus when I’m afraid, the Ram and school have thought me that, but although Peace has been in my Neighborhood Walk® in different phrases, and in every C&E® or focus work I do for years, this time, I felt that things are not “working” and the dispute is growing into war.

So I went into C&E®, and I focused only on peace (or so I think) – the point is, that I don’t remember what I did in this C&E®, I only know that something extraordinary happened. There is a memory of awe but I don’t remember what it was about and I don’t remember what I did. Every time I go back to try to remember it, it seems like I’m on the tip of remembering, but then it gets diffused somehow, like I’m denied access to that memory.

After the C&E®, I sat outside on a chair in the garden and I remember still being very concerned because the news was talking about sending our troops into Gaza, Hezbollah joining the war from the north, and maybe even Iran getting involved.

I knew this meant full-blown war. I just felt so heavy and sad and concerned for all the lives that were going to be lost, and all my family and friends, some of them already drafted and waiting on the border to go into the fight. I was thinking of all of these fathers, brothers and sons who might not come back to their families, and grieving for the simple people in Gaza who don’t even have where to hide safely.

So I sat there feeling helpless, and I asked Ramtha to help. I don’t usually do that, but this time I felt that I cannot do this on my own, and that too many lives are in danger. I kind of gently fell asleep on the chair outside with these thoughts and sometime later, I woke up, a bit confused and disoriented.

When I went back to check the news, expecting to see reports about the troops going in, and the bloody mess of it all, I was astonished to see that a cease-fire was in place and that Israel had stopped all military actions, even though Hamas was still firing some missiles.

Within one day, there was nothing left to this dispute. To this day, it doesn’t make any sense to me, that it has disappeared so quickly when it seemed so clearly heading for a disaster…”

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