“‘Meteor’ sightings across Scotland”
support Ramtha’s prediction of “signs in the sky”

Craig Usher said something caught his eye as he took pictures at Loch Thom in Greenoc

The news story link with video below describes eyewitness accounts to a silent explosion and a “meteor shower” that behaved more like a fireworks display or a plane coming down on September 21, 2012.

– “‘Meteor’ sightings across Scotland prompt 999 calls”
“A suspected meteorite shower over the UK prompted a flurry of 999 calls from worried members of the public across Scotland.

Concerned callers from Airdrie to Arbroath likened the lights they saw in the sky to flares, fireworks and even a plane crash.

The lights were seen as far north as Caithness and by islanders on Skye.”

“It was blooming close, maybe about 150 – 200ft off the ground. There was no noise at all. There were sheep all around me and they didn’t bat an eyelid. There was no whoosh, no squeak, just this bright, bright light.”

“Coastguards in the Shetland Islands received what they believe is Scotland’s most northerly sighting of the meteor at 23:00 BST,” quoting the BBC.
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UPDATE: October 18, 2012
– “Meteor Fireball Lights Up Bay Area Sky”
From NBC Bay Area.
Click here for the video.

UPDATE: October 24, 2012
– “UFO Over Virgie, Kentucky”
“An object spotted in the sky by several people across Pike County last week has still not been identified. One local astronomer captured pictures and video of it through his telescope.

No one seems to know,” quoting WYMT News, the CBS-affiliated television station for Hazard, Kentucky.
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UPDATE: November 1, 2012
“Did you see that? Meteor falls from sky near Stanwood”
“The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office said deputies investigated a possible meteor falling somewhere near I-5 and Exit 212, between Stanwood and Arlington. K9 Officers also responded, but nothing was found.

Deputies cleared the scene, but said they ‘[assume] it is a meteor, unless we hear otherwise.’

Bill Gillam from Arlington said on Twitter, ‘Sounds like a meteor, space junk or aliens entered Washington airspace somewhere in Skagit County.’ He went on to say, Last report was Hamilton in Skagit County.'”
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UPDATE: November 13, 2012
“UFO sighting over Killeen, Texas”
From YouTube.
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UPDATE: November 16, 2012
“News station confirms that UFO sighting is neither bird nor plane”
“UFO filmed by Denver news crew,” quoting MSN.
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– UPDATE: December 7, 2012
“Mysterious bright flash in sky reported across Texas”
Read more from Marjorie Ownes, WFAA TV 8 News, ABC in Dallas.

– Update: December 11, 2012
“Unexplained Light Formation Spotted Above San Francisco’s Mission Dist.”
From CBS- TV in San Francisco
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– UPDATE: December 12, 2012
“More Loud Booms Reported In GA; Reports In Other U.S. Cities Too”
Click here for video from YouTube.

“Fireball Falls into the Black Sea Near Turkey – Light & Boom Caught on Camera”
Click here for video from YouTube.

– UPDATE: January 7, 2013
“UFO flying over Lacey, Washington 1/7/13”
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– UPDATE: February 15, 2013
“Nuclear-like in its intensity, Russian meteor blast is the largest since 1908”
“A meteor flared through the skies over Russia’s Chelyabinsk region early Friday, triggering an atomic bomb-sized shock wave that injured more than a thousand people, blew out windows and caused some Russians to fear the end of the world.

NASA said it was the largest reported fireball since the Tunguska event in 1908 — an asteroid explosion that flattened millions of trees over 820 square miles of remote Siberian forest,” quoting Alan Boyle and Matthew DeLuca, NBC News.
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“Amazing Images of Meteorite Impact”
From The Weather Channel
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“Watch: Fireball Streaks Across [San Francisco] Bay Area Sky”
Read more from By Lori Preuitt, NBC News 4 (KRON-TV) San Francisco.

– UPDATE: February 16, 2013
“Freezing Russians begin repairing windows shattered by fiery meteor blast”
Read more from Laura Mills, The Associated Press.

“Russian meteorite followed by claimed sightings in Cuba and California”

“Cuban state TV – perhaps keen to get in on the act with its former Cold War ally – reported that it too had been visited by a giant meteorite earlier in the week. It said residents in the country had been startled by bight lights and a loud noise. A local newscast, posted on the website CubaSi late Friday, featured unidentified residents of the central city of Rodas, near Cienfuegos, saying the explosion was impressive.

“On Tuesday [Feb. 12] we left home to fish around five in the afternoon, and around [eight o’clock] we saw a light in the heavens and then a big ball of fire, bigger than the sun,” a local man said in the video. “My home shook completely,” said a woman, who added: “I had never heard such a strange thing.”

It is not clear what the objects spotted were or indeed if they actually existed. Cuba does not lie far from the shores of southern Florida and a major meteorite streaking through the heavens would likely to have been spotted there. In California, a telescope monitoring the same stretch of sky did not pick up any unusual activity,” quoting Paul Harris in UK’s Guardian.
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– UPDATE: February 17, 2013
“Another meteor? ‘Fireballs’ light up Florida sky”
“South Floridians who happened to be looking in the right place at the right time Sunday night saw one spectacular light show – possibly a sporadic meteor,” by Juan Ortega and Gilma Avalos,
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– UPDATE: January 12, 2014
“Meteor sighting reported by hundreds on East Coast”
“Sighting of meteor reported from Maine to South Carolina”
“Hundreds of residents from Maine to South Carolina reported seeing a meteor streaking across the sky Sunday night, according to reports on the American Meteorological Society website,” quoting WVCB, Boston.
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– UPDATE: APRIL 19, 2014
“Meteor Over Murmansk: Russian Fireball Caught on Dashcams”
By Alan Boyle, NBC News.
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– UPDATE: August 5, 2014
“Huge Fireball Over North Alabama”
From NASA’s Marshall Center
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– UPDATE: August 18, 2014
“Fireball spotted streaking across Vancouver sky Monday night”
Did you see the meteor that streaked across the Vancouver sky Monday evening? Experts say the brilliant light show was caused by a meteor.

The streak of bright light lit up the skies over Vancouver Monday around 10:15 p.m., generating lots of excitement,” quoting Cheryl Santa Maria, The Weather Network.
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– UPDATE: August 29, 2014
“Spectacular Meteor Wows New Zealand Stargazers”
From Flood of Extremes.
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– UPDATE: September 14, 2014
“Hundreds of reports of meteor [sighted from British Columbia to Oregon] but no confirmation”
By Susan Wyatt, KING 5 News, Seattle.
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– UPDATE: September 16, 2014
“Meteor Lights Up the Skies Over Northeastern U.S.”
“The American Meteor Society said the meteor that sparked numerous sightings from New England to Virginia was a ‘random fireball event.'”
From NBC Nightly News.
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– Ramtha on “signs in the sky” and “silent explosions”
“A lot of marvels are coming. And there will be wild craft. There will be signs in the sky. There will be spirals out of nowhere. There will be lights that dash across the horizon. There will be silent, silent explosions. And everyone will be told it is a meteor shower. It is the best damn meteor shower I have ever seen and, by the way, the most elliptical I have ever seen.
Things will fall to Earth in an ocean, terrifying sailors and mariners who will see, from the surface, debris and shocking monsters. And the moon will light up in an unearthly, ghostly hue and it will frighten lovers on lovers’ lane. Shadows will pass across the Earth, and suddenly in one great moment the Void will light up 360 degrees. The great ones have come.”

– Ramtha
Opus of the Ram
September 3, 2011
Yelm, WA
Excerpt — “Signs in the Sky”

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