NASA presents farthest-yet view of Universe –
Ramtha in 2002 on what the Hubble Telescope sees!

Credit: NASA; ESA; G. Illingworth, D. Magee, and P. Oesch, University of California, Santa Cruz;
R. Bouwens, Leiden University; and the HUDF09 Team

– “NASA Publishes the Farthest View of the Universe Yet”
“NASA has just published the most detailed view of the Universe ever taken. It’s called the Extreme Deep Field—or XDF for short. It took ten years of Hubble Space Telescope photographs to make it and it shows some the oldest galaxies ever observed by humans, going 13.2 billion years back in time.

It’s a mindblowing, extremely humbling view. Not only for what it shows, but for what it doesn’t show. While this image contains about 5,500 galaxies, it only displays a tiny part of the sky, a ridiculously small slice of the Universe,” quoting Jesus Diaz on
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– UPDATE: November 9, 2012
“New Australian Telescope Set to Find 700,000 Galaxies”
“Australia’s newest radio telescope is predicted to find an unprecedented 700,000 new galaxies, say scientists planning for CSIRO’s next-generation Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP).

In a paper to be published Sunday in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Australian researchers have combined computer simulations with ASKAP’s specifications to predict the new telescope’s extraordinary capabilities,” quoting ScienceDaily.
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– UPDATE: November 26, 2012
“Universe Grows Like a Giant Brain”
“The universe may grow like a giant brain, according to a new computer simulation.

The results, published Nov.16 in the journal Nature’s Scientific Reports, suggest that some undiscovered, fundamental laws may govern the growth of systems large and small, from the electrical firing between brain cells and growth of social networks to the expansion of galaxies,” by Tia Ghose, Live Science.
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– Ramtha on the significance of what the Hubble Telescope observed – from 2002!
“Your Hubble telescope has finally seen galaxies of immeasurable beauty that in our heart and in our mind we long to engage. It is exciting to meet beings of greater mind or lesser mind. Where does it end? It doesn’t end.
So how can some piddly religion on Earth, this speck in the boondocks of the galaxy, have the ultimate religion? It does not have the ultimate religion. These people made God in their image so as to control and rule people. That is the history of religion. Unfortunately, it thrusts your world today into miserable conflict. The Christians say that they are following the teachings of Christ’s love and yet they want the president to do something about those radical Islamic people who follow Mohammed. Well, if Mohammed teaches to kill the infidel, are the Christians any better who want to kill those who want to kill the infidel?
In the infinite parcels of space, is there a place for all dreams to exist simultaneously? Are there not infinite galaxies that the Hubble telescope has not even begun to scratch the surface of, galaxies vast and broad and all of them unique? In the mind of God, can all of these exist simultaneously with you? Yes.
Now that is a God who has allowed the capacity of our dreams to exist and the hope of what we will dream to exist. How can any man or woman sin against such a greatness of mind? How can any one little carbon unit on Earth in the backwaters of the Milky Way betray God Almighty? That is impossible.”

– Ramtha
At the home of Linda Evans
Rainier, WA
Video: “Consciousness, the Observer, and God
February 28, 2002

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