Science shows how humans can regrow fingers –
Ramtha on the potential to regrow limbs in 1992

– “Woman born without a thumb and finger grows them back as part of a phantom limb after hand amputated”
“[Paul] McGeoch [University of California, San Diego],said the study indicates that there is a hardwired representation in the brain of what the body should look like, regardless of how it actually appears in real life. It showed more about the balance between the external and innate representations of a limb, he said,” quoting of Australia.
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– “Researchers looking at how ‘limb illusion’ affects amuputees”
“A lost limb may be gone, but some amputees say they can still feel its presence. What researchers are doing to help limb illusion,” quoting HealthLink on KING-5 TV News (NBC) in Seattle.
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– ” Modern medicine: Lab-grown genitals, spray-on skin”
“Advances in regenerative medicine may let patients grow own transplants”

“[Dr. Anthony] Atala [at Wake Forest University] is one of the pioneers of regenerative medicine. But the field has taken off in a big way, attracting biotechnology companies, the U.S. military and academic labs, which are working to literally make the blind see and the lame walk again. They’re perfecting spray-on skin and aim to mass-produce new body parts using bioprinters based on the jet printers attached to your home computer,” quoting Maggie Fox on NBC News.
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– Salamanders studied to guide human limb regeneration research
“Salamanders are the only vertebrates that can regenerate lost body parts as adults. The key to this ability is that limb cells are triggered to dedifferentiate and reinitiate growth and pattern formation. Our strategy is to use axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum) to discover the signals that trigger the regeneration response, in the belief that these signals have enormous potential and consequences for human health. Our long term goals are to identify the regeneration-enabling signals in limbs, in order to support progress towards the eventual application of these molecules to the improvement of human repair mechanisms. Most recently we have been involved in the development of genomic resources for identifying the key signaling pathways that control limb regeneration,” quoting Dr. David M. Gardiner at the UC Irvine Limb Regeneration Lab.
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– UPDATE: November 10, 2009
“Organ Regeneration In Zebrafish: Unraveling The Mechanism”
“The search for the holy grail of regenerative medicine — the ability to “grow back” a perfect body part when one is lost to injury or disease — has been under way for years, yet the steps involved in this seemingly magic process are still poorly understood. Now researchers have identified an essential cellular pathway in zebrafish that paves the way for limb regeneration by unlocking gene expression patterns last seen during embryonic development,” quoting the Salk Institute in Science Daily.
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– UPDATE: September 17, 2013
“Florida man grows new finger after horse bites it off”
“After jockey Paul Halpern lost part of his index finger to a horse bite, Dr. Eugenio Rodriguez was able to get the missing fingertip to regenerate using an experimental stem cell technique,” by Tracy Miller, New York Daily News.
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– UPDATE: May 22, 2014
“A Second Chance At Life”
“Landmark project to study regeneration, neural repair, and recovery in humans who have recently been diagnosed as brain dead,” quoting IndieGogo.
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– UPDATE: August 21, 2014
“How Do Lizards Regrow Their Tails? Study Discovers ‘Genetic Recipe'”
By Keith Wagstaff, NBC News.
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– Ramtha on regenerating growth
“You can cut off your leg, amputate both of your legs or a heel or a hand or a finger, but the lightbody still has the leg or the finger for a long period of time. That energy is still surrounding the body because, in any cut like that, the body in visible light could influence the physical body to grow a new limb. It holds the shadow limb or the light limb which can stimulate the cells that regenerate growth. In other words, the stem cells in an amputee are there to grow into the leg still held in the lightbody.”
– Ramtha
February 6, 2003
Yelm, WA.
The Legacy Teachings

– Ramtha spoke in 1992 about the potential for a human to regrow a limb
“The human brain does not possess the knowledge to make cells grow an arm back, but what consciousness does possess that? The salamander.
So when the witch brews up a brew and it is made of salamanders and toads and bat wings and snake scales, what would be the symbology of each of those creatures in the brew? That their life force is the elixir that you drink that brings on a consciousness that tells the cells to regrow that arm, and it grows.
Did your mother ever teach you that you could grow an arm back? No one ever taught you that. Are you capable of learning it? Yes, but what would be your ideal? The salamander.”

– Ramtha
Evening with Ramtha
Yelm, WA.
May 20, 1992

– Ramtha spoke in 1986 about the potential for a human to regrow a limb
“The body was created to live forever.”

“Your body is prepared to regrow a limb, an organ, to re-create eyesight, to re-create any living portion of its whole self. Every cell that you have, in its genetic structure of its DNA and its chromosome structures, carries with it the print of the whole.”
– Ramtha
Excerpt from: Ramtha in Los Angeles, The Next Step — Superconsciousness
Los Angeles, CA
May 31, 1986.

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