Presenting RSE students’ remarkable Remote-View results

Steve Klein presents students’ Remote-View predictions, May 19

– What IS Remote-Viewing?
“Intuition, gut feelings, déjà vu, knowing something is going to happen before it does — these common experiences are natural abilities that we all have. In one form, the ability to know something beyond the five usual senses is called remote-viewing. The visions of Nostradamus were a form of remote-viewing. Instead of waiting for visions or a déjà vu moment, many people have worked to develop this ability into a skill that can be used at any time,” quoting RSE’s YouTube website.

– Ramtha’s Remote-View set-up for students at the Advanced Retreat, February, 2012.
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Click here to see the remarkable results.

– From JZ Knight about the Remote-View results:
“This is about the dignity of our work — which is now on a world stage.
That is impressive.
This is about the expanse of awareness if we go to the future with our mind.
Can we also go there and affect a future?”

– View the presentation of RSE student’s remarkable Remote-Views
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– Press Release: Remote-Viewing exercise makes uncanny predictions
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