“Ocean encroachment is a growing issue” –
Ramtha has always said to stay away from water

– “Stay or go? Communities are eyeing a retreat from sea”
“Ocean encroachment is a growing issue; some California towns decide not to fight it”

“Up and down the California coast, some communities are deciding it’s not worth trying to wall off the encroaching ocean. Until recently, the thought of bowing to nature was almost unheard of.

But after futile attempts to curb coastal erosion — a problem expected to grow worse with rising seas fueled by global warming — there is growing acknowledgment that the sea is relentless and any line drawn in the sand is likely to eventually wash over,” quoting Alicia Chang and Jason Dearen for the AP.
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– ADDED August 22, 2012: “Migration in the Americas: On the run from water in Panama”
“Thousands of Kuna — indigenous people living in an archipelago off the northern coast of Panama — are facing a drastic lifestyle change because of rising seas.”

“In August, the first round of evacuations will force some Kuna to the mainland because of dangerous living conditions, affecting 65 families. Ultimately, all of the islands will be evacuated — affecting 36,000 people — and new dwellings are being built and funded on the mainland by the Panamanian government<" quoting Photojournalist Kadir van Lohuizen on NBC News.
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– UPDATE: November 30, 2012
“Time running out’ for Kiribati: president”
“Kiribati is among a number of island states — including Tuvalu, Tokelau and the Maldives — the UN Human Rights Commission is concerned could become “stateless” due to climate change,” quoting France 24 News.
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– Ramtha has spoken about staying away from water many times since the mid-1980′s
“Stay away from the water. Get away from it. The water is beautiful but in a moment it can rush a wave over the landmass and destroy everything in sight, including you. If the Earth’s crust is vulnerable, go inland and stay there because if it is unstable, the bulk of the wave or the reaction of the shockwave moving through the oceans will create a dangerous place to be.”

— Ramtha
Australia Q & A
July 22, 2007
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